122 - Butt Puns

Wednesday, March 15th

With Manley at SXSW during our usual recording time, we weren't going to cast this week, but we got to talking about a butt-washing toilet and well...


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I'm barely waiting for you I am so excited and they're a it's all right always starting. It is not very good. Armed and done. It's a worse I just aren't. The sort. Did you have a shortage of Florida podcast at the shore yeah it's the shortest and forget we were having you very animated. Conversation here in spirit of god in your eyes your offer has fallen and something went phones they that you're going to be out of town. And sweet spot going to cost you usually just a quick topic okay yeah we are. I'm. I am I'm in the contract portion of the buying about how's your head here but to become resident of snow hello snohomish. Is that the college and it's like oh cool I decides coin that you just made it's done which 4%. Cooler or -- 84% worse I don't know if I don't know 4% of my cited skills cool yet because it right here you know my generated down. If so we're in contract right now but the thing that I'm most excited about is that once we get the soul dawn win is yes I mean knowledge I have a house to live men and pick in the paint the wall of Taiwan and install ever want Obama referred to reserve posters up without any. Just Satan worship dark sort of evil thing. As you know how many big into yet. But also adjectives in England post threat and the hospitals started from the guy that is in the nom into the bathroom with via. Honest phone won't stick to the leak. Yet so yesterday we talked about phone guy before. They got it texts or whatever he's doing on his phone now while he's in the you're an ultimate coming across like top three most awful things I've ever seen assuming that debt. This is right up there you know yesterday. He starts talking to me. Ever all you see this thing on FaceBook USB get your vote away from me so I'm on I'm on his right okay. We're in separate your heels obviously don't know whatever those like dividers is that like the waste area out to your your on the right to Kenya during slot to write a punch on his left. So he is at their opinion and he's got his phone. Check in his Facebook you're doing is whenever he's doing now photos and his right hand which means his angle is like looking. It's right like hey bro. Are you taken a picture of my team because this is the badly it's better from the right now maligning and here's all of our all reality good. What are you doing silly it's done doing is is FaceBook which is disgusting. And then as he's washing his hands he's like. He's damned as I hit the path of the double buttons and I was like get out of here as quickly as possible does give out for rug and as best you can. Don't make eye contact doing that top to disperse and it was weird. House. But dude it yet gates that dude did did I can hear you have I have a sound effects on hiking here. This put them on silence. That's like real excited about the idea that our main contract to the house and yeah I can the next couple days we should know whether now we're gonna get it. And that means in the next couple days I should know whether or not I'm gonna have a Japanese to. Mind blowing it's like boom and at a Japanese drug I've talked about a lot the big guys should be explanation is because of the now because there's there's. A handful of factors to Japanese toy that one. The seat is warm. Disturbing if you've ever got into about them after someone else and sat down to sit down on their warm that is very 5050 and a warm seat they move bullion but what is your what is supposed to be warm only command and it's like he's up for Obama it's real dude I have the old building apartment building and wonder though how what a price goes right through my bathroom. Which means in the middle of winter when your card or Florida like thirty below zero company that pipes when you run into the bathroom we need to help in the pipe you know even when you do it that pipe warns the top of its highly in the bathroom. So like awesome here freeze it right into the battening sit down the pot like. This morning here it's great personality if the sea is naturally worn out from a not natural but not against. Our official warns. It's not another human that is what does that dude did god knows what to that bold before and right so it's warmed OK and then depending on which one you get there's some there's some features there's there's a fan. I cannot keep it from stinking up your house pretty great. I'm whereas the fan blow this thing goes out I must go through. I don't know. We'll find out. I'm gonna have to research some more tactics as Google fan in there then there is. And there's two different spray nozzles one for ladies and one for bullets OK and this is or I start. Get lost. You can control the water temperature on spreads a thug just like that surprise a right it's like you can be like. And you can also control the pressure just depending on which unit by Aaron I'm looking at it and about 500 bucks on the phone tablet. Unsurprisingly that expensive I guess yeah right there by the full editorial itself it's like three or 4000 dollars cash but this is like an attachment to your existing. Objects the existing commode go right need to set that down on the top of it and you've got all these buttons that in Japan well written in Japanese pretty quickly after gonna roll lament. But I gotta tell you. There's no. Polite way of saying listen this is grossly ahead fire away but I'm in humans have hair in weird places yes. And as the Adams famous sound cruel once said it's nothing worse than trying to get peanut butter at a shank sharpening. Browse the grossest right oh yeah and that we know what you have to that the thing. With the with the Japanese toilet the wash let's as they Collison. And up after yourself in there always got some hygiene never hurt walk around with an hour later but each. So OK okay we're just gonna go here OK because a rarity dad it's too late we're dancing around the B hall that's it right. Africa at its color I didn't do it enough that's no mood. On the commitment to benefit a benefactor. So. Is this thing like tissue right up. The old and this is that this works well it's good not up it's like putting a straw and your bottle in the not turning it on. Cannot filling up like a balloon. It's just day it's just it's like when you wash your head to brick in the shallower waters is hitting you know oh okay. Ripping you off it's just a rents for your bum hole croquet or fear related there's a there's a front says there's still a wiping process. Of where it's just gone it's drying process okay so. Also when you're ready for the spread of Reich. The comes out new deflected. Put up but it does that comes out that way you know out Cooper on the loose those prayer book thank god for that cat so it comes onyx annoys me the gifts. It's like mobile and a whole political pit crew. Still Ireland to those who voted. The predominately due to a book put up a little moon put food toiletries and other household and a half I bumped. Feels he'll spray there and then it's just a matter. And it's it's brutal contained as the other thing I guess because it's an valley it doesn't go up everywhere. And then just a couple square it's it's crazy that is so when that is very. Cognizant of like that flush sprayed. Yeah Soledad that that's the Willits took to as clear cut as you have to close the lid when you flush the toilet because it's just good. The germs everywhere but here OK I think it's a fire house down there. Sprained his own and we'll stand tomorrow now and I've dubbed is it just seems a little a little I mean I I. I've never used what I tried one at dinners in a work because again these are written in Japanese have put a little background but like I knew what I was getting into I was like a man you just do the system pushing but the whole. The beautiful lady when no issue to the bulls to suit that's that's that's that's. Yeah isn't above doubles let's all that's on a Saturday. At the ready to get a copy of the shower next great. So I look forward to this the last seven I don't know bars will happen and I made it a summer day hot some day come back we'll swap masses that I he's put basketball whatever and like who got poop and also clean bought them. They have a right you have my attention on this and the Japanese know what's up man and dumb blast in the they have is that some of whom playing sound effects if you're a shot 2%. I don't wanna I wanna view. But I might be to departure co four I is an ally essential I would I and now I need what I would feel honored if I knew that what I'm saying right now ducked anyone to go by before I was even people who installments are now there's one drawback it and if you build hang with a cynnex camera the play out of your bathroom well enough from the two times I've used it again. It does require electricity could your heating up water and stuff and so if you don't have a plug in the bathroom near enough wood to what the court can do you might be battle okay. Who hey I know we're doing a quick casts everything but could. I. They can ask you a question and that question the feel it's there you boat heads who can't worry gonna put this time it. That's the course that's the million dollar question my sound effect making your unhappily are good. Now I'm in finance or at the now. The seat warming corners of doughnuts at at the tip. Well all have if I get the house overlooking LL have three different but in my options to choose combat through must options. Choose from one is the master that was a she declined. Korean push one. Every mattress the other button with Dylan the explosion button. Well governments and I'd miss that you talked ever won a mind to make it fair fair and attractive to prepare for both of us. The explosion ability look at the scriptwriter Zack and let's talk about a that's incredible. So I don't know if it's mastered guest room upstairs or downstairs bathroom. From where guests can use because I want everyone is trying out right I'm kind of like. Blake the with a white man that came to Japan back in the fourteen hundreds I'm trying to spread my. My message yet. Of newsprint yeah from here yeah turn this Braylon deficits as far as Britain try to spread my message of love but what are red skinned red. And they didn't look at. I think eleventh not to beat them think men insist upon whatever whatever yeah so that's a tough call and make for me I could never did it. What do well it would have to go in CU. The master yeah. It just depends or you wanna get where you wanted to carry your business so is the real plan tees start with one and then work your way through. Closely our priority shots brewer is a dummy shots computes a dummy whose get him of that yellen and but brittle way is not a fan of the think she's a for the heated seat because let's. I support drilling in jacket in the master none I mean I think that's the template weird sex thing you know give minimum Mastiff who. But you can't get it on your bulbs Paducah could had to try and impress the lady but. I don't know what drew will put an end to. Hopefully the it has really mattered to me like. Because. I'll probably get ready every morning and different mobile phone won't use our our breath and accurate from the restroom just to give her some more peace and quiet sulphide do more to groups perfect. I think that's probably but. And but I think he's gonna have to go which is going to be your throat which which iPod as your pot up. I can see outside that I could see that the master two mile yet it's my this iBook is to a from a cell slump put in the room and but if you wanna kind of spread the love him be like everyone Travis. Japanese Cooper I don't want to bring everyone through my dirty bathroom and well you know what they have to have a conversation about you'd much rather handsome and go into the bathroom ambulance. We come until we have the other big guys either like horrified or like. I got through it and that's true that's the FBI again I really don't we go back in the good guy occasionally they're here is that like Bill Gross yes but also yes I get a decent FaceBook agreed to back to the for the Coca FF FFF yeah. But I'd I'd it's I can't wait there's like a lot of things don't. I have to get when we move into a new house think again like wash your driver accident my washer dryer refrigerator but the war on the top solvent. There's definitely. My Japanese wash. Now trending how about a hash at pied de three point one forest today it's march 14. Made a lot of jokes about pie until. They got to call me out on only talking about sweet pies and not pizza prize will shout outs to guy matches because I was just meant to say top three ties. Banana cream pie apple pie who argue that pie what you have pumped another. Euro monster cats are at banana cream pumpkin. Piece of apple black has been a few presidents bias also got a tall and I don't even know where to go without I've an accurate to say note that if I just I don't think it's by I don't know -- dividend coupon refund your club for a real change that we've got it's it doesn't think public Hoosier park ticket sweet cream and sugar pie public looked so good I opposed to the thing no one cared about and our FaceBook and one civilian. What I liked was the fifty different types of pilot country who have been posted on yeah. There's also removes the two Boehner would nurture and it might not all of it was hot and Minneapolis Archie had me up there like double pepperoni and I was like respect you. But no and a two dollar double pepperoni I do veggie and some sort of veggie time may be a Marguerite. With the who cited the poly Archie dressing so. We have patches are in and they give you wanna bring a double pepperoni pie two of its studio I would lose some and help us determine and decide is once in fraud ankle right. I would have. Eddie lacy. He's CR now now that Eddie lacy enjoy them through live gains referring insert what does he didn't. He runs and falls over and then breaks his ankles that have rolled back around again and that would be about Adrian Peterson looked good luck. I mean if you want a guy that beats is kids to bloody. Pulp skill. Yeah that's facts. I think in a fake facts that's it I'm my news and air quotes from the not passed a Microsoft teams com. Founder's son Ross Sea hawks Microsoft's trailblazers yeah. Hash tag still blizzard who those dummies they didn't drenched importing inches of snow. It's a done everything Malick 80% of the play Tennessee tech this morning were canceled what it yeah it's like it's a giant pastor for everybody. Not good. Hash tag candidates. And at their best. Setup Phillies. Seven deadly gas she does she reached out to print Lawrence that I roulette when the do that sort of thing so yeah. I got up booked polish it up a little bit at some point played a second question is Gloria now our PR person or private I wish it were booked some freaky gasoline Elizabeth thanks route I want it cafe you wanna do it never. And I don't want anyone else telling us how to do it is really think just having its one tour pretty lord to do that all right Iran at a tackle thanks for joining us by. You've been listening to are down podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and at me and child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by banana cream pie. Better than a wash Clinton for your books three point 14% better no actually not better for your butt but measured if you put an end Chris pine but it's going to be a huge mess to the Japan Japanese I would get enough. To that group.