117 - Damn You, Endor Cast!

Thursday, February 9th

We're trying to boost our popularity in new markets but we're doing it without Sex Music...


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We'll be the other side. Starts. All right we started. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It's the worst. OK but you know. Better. I gotta come. As you have a head phones on dead chairs not that I thought this could lead to go bug and. That's not the right temperature of the elephant down. It's the worst I'll be back in a second hold on hold music and yeah they're big yeah. Yeah. Because at Ole. And and. We directly. Ever okay it was gonna. We've been sentenced. February 29 of last year almost a year since you needed a thundered on their bodies well I guess that's a speaks to the cycles of the universe and under. I remember the first original senators this four member I got a blood clot than some other stuff oh yeah. The worst day ever kind of scenario that out for the bonuses force them. Welcome to thunderous noise. My problem back then I'm. They could tell me go back until we went a subset solicitor that podcast to flick probably march dish. That was a rough day ago that had put those into exist anymore. Yet probably should do we have a plus fifty of camera there Steve Elliott broadcasts and over the radio they comedic halfway completed and a cool. Think it I don't podcast number seventeen rated podcast and sad and pretty cool stuff I do what I speak to whoever's running the tops sixty and nobody is. I got some beef with amendments to Saturn does bring it and from Edmonton Mark Clark seventeen and if that's that's a so the fact that a Barack cars really caught on Pluto it's. Got him acting and our cats couldn't do anything so good though it's still gonna speaking wanna multi which is annoying at first we want to get used to it it gets Lula could easily go. The fat fat. Rude then how are you. Original ticket separates him diamonds it affected it a duty as citizens how are you an entrance gates to continue that path at. I don't even know anymore man and I think I'm okay I got two of the best nights of sleep a man quiet. On Monday and Tuesday it was just incredible I cannot replicated for Thursday are for whatever yesterday I don't know camps. Andre but I had my mother in law and talent go to camp and there are few things as sick economy as best yet please. They're full youthful Chilton has its leverage together a few things more. Frustrating and more sitcom ish in my life that have in my northern Montana move. Just the depths of Deming. Love Deb she's not a come of that she's she's great and she will be super helpful it's been very generous and she's she's just uncomfortable that look exactly like I feel like I'm Raymond who loses everyone Everybody Loves Raymond told me. Some people. Tolerate Gregor let's tournaments have come and it's I watched that it's a lot of people to myself let's check in LS check. Well. I am I mean. I'm not a huge fan of off track but if it's gonna be if it's going to be mediocre. Her sort insufferable show I think you have to have whenever we're Judea and CBS okay drama winner. He's such a corporate show that I think a bill is that all the best ones do well but the dynamics dive into the moneymaker and like country music makes all the money but. Country yet this award yes. I am a French who work in country music here in the building except pot is and I. Another also dummies how DW I hadn't thought if I think Q that was mailed it at at at at at a ticket to sometimes the best things you never you know. That's improper raged you fired do you get it out and you get there again to get there say it's. High school. Who would be who'd play you in the show or would you Jerry Seinfeld Ryan styles. We got from moved loathe whose lines and UN. Yet dynamic isn't to say yet do we do yeah I know what you said that it was minus that that could give a hundred times maybe a thousand times funnier than me about it the same time affect the mannerisms he could figure upper equipment house. And 26600. Maybe. English institute one maybe yeah that's old old school with that you know OK yes so do I Andre is Laurie. I'm really that centric in the some it's going to be some period. Welcome to in the house packed. Bill Kunis. Yeah they go there. That would work and we can talk about Jim beam on suburban Spago you know Laura Berman with the fifth. Or rent. It's just all that's I think the equipment. And so. Yeah I. I I went. But somehow something right now the yeses is the worst that if we talked about the last regular folks I can't we talked about anything like him that place I went house on the again and we lost another house this time. A house atlas for 4151000. Dollars for your loss it's 21 me miles north of here OK it's not even like it's in the city or anything at that evidence of snohomish county new. And and dodged it or don't podcast number seven in snohomish county sports and still behind the indoor cat new method I have and again it's fantastic. Yeah it did you not if if so hope. Yeah and so. 4151000. Dollar asking price. We look at the comps in the neighborhood goof up before 25 sweep at 43800 OK okay this is like Woody Austin Anderson here. Someone paid out of the gate with a no competition. They bid for fifty to. 7000 dollars over asking price. That sounds like. Two part timers here for that much. You get hired seventeen mes for that it's. That sounds like someone who is probably three steps past years stage and it's just like I don't care anymore yeah I'm giving a damn house and nothing's going into another hunting with a shotgun now it's no longer like her sport as well that's it we're done here yeah it's dark carpet bomb and yet played what it was like free tickets like win it's like we used to play you're like older validly your uncles or your dad are like your Big Brother in sports and they let you hang around for awhile and then write about the moment that each night. You would somehow randomly actually beat a really good play at and it was like I. That's the thought of the throw the ball around with Aaron Rodgers and you're like who don't want Aaron and he's like that in the NBA at the next one it's like it's like the Cam Newton commercial where he like rockets won indicated to back 35 yards like that in Europe there in my Zia that reminds me of leeway and threw the baseball bats calendars and death they are right grayer. I'm gonna throw a couple now go to Dave Tippett a half half. What it just puts it looked out the glove I promised soon and a critical they exploited the poor. Yeah that's doesn't. I'm in the public tide play he can't to a right now though it's like today's garbage day number of as we did gray is officially. We've gotten to me now menu and you're used a chair earlier staff felt really good get a blood it's they don't understand. Dummies that that it takes a lot to get manly to whom boil over like that threat to keep pretty. I liked it I like to set them on that line is in India and don't go one way or the other and I like the chipper and certainly not a happy chipper. I knowingly nice guy and a keep it level keep a level but every once. If I get out of the. So we'll let us slow roll alternate to a full boil who now. That's got to get it out it's okay pitchers that come with as erotic on him from talking about my creditors who is a dramatic karate. Yeah I'm from game at a crowded we talked about this. A little bit but you have a ballot. Here's what I would say. You have a valid you have your your your basis for argument is valid because though the problem recap is that I spend hundreds dollars a month to do is try to thing then they'd finally offer karate test that the right I had to have about plans I think that the tablet war that. Port customer service to do that. It's we're planning more than anything but W provide I mean literally you're providing a service to your customers and you're doing it badly. And so I'm not mad at them and I won't go now and not get the stupid. Planner trashy this has got to be real mad. How much god gives you hurts a cool easy do it I think it's all. It's all happening with those happen because you can't release she shouldn't be doing anything anyways that time yeah him a couple of key in the purple belt man. Whoa yeah. You get a black he'd yeah I'm from white to black. I. Good did. It raise the I had enough. If epithet at a at. I agree is on Christmas tumor cells that's great I have would have to switch pages note. I approve of not doing that. Well speaking of the indoor Kasten and help the team that's got up another place did it. And are cast we got real live ratings yet so good so good guys they can't stress it enough I can't be mad and got so and you little one down to shape and obviously it but do you do you really want to know it's under their apartment but I have concerns about. Aren't enough it's tasty not you wish that he did you timeout hit the button. And as you a question a question an integral question guys they'll ask it yeah we needed new book yeah absolutely. I mean there's sentient so maybe gotten. They're a force wielding. Yes galaxy yeah yeah like. It has to be. Man I Saul. The craziest this spoiler theory that if you read that aren't enough read that article you wanna talk about it so I talk about that we're Todd lets me just hours later though now and then the hours went opens its 2000 in nineteen now. And there are very corporate some of the world the word but were experiencing in these films right now how excited in the scale of one to. Millennium falcon. Doesn't do it for me every it doesn't it's it doesn't. Whatever I like it's like. The talked about a buck thirty casts ago where it's really one. I don't need to fill in what it's like for wood color red went through and stuff like that I don't. I'd like just not knowing to the mystery has better. Would you replicate a thing. And you like my imagination will fill in the details as I want it to be I don't want it to be attainable award to be always just out of reach them with stays and magical. But it. Thank you wouldn't wanna go on a roller coaster that was like Thai fighter deemed a I guess or like so my fear my thing is. I want count I mean how tonight how can I not do that Gregor. You that that sound is just piped through the park concert you're right OK I'm wrong. I also demand the right thing though I demand first of all he she get it would keep. Upon entering the park the urgency that that's around you have to have a sidekick now that's first and foremost no does the saloon yes or a joint you may be could have her pick them. A much in rebels right now the area does these Noah and the Droid on that pretty good. And I what's the other go to the cantina and she agreed to our want to keep reminding you that you I am 100% in. Just hours ago in. An image that's a they'd tape the market up buttoned up. But put it up food who he gets. I guess we'll come back to it. The guy who like constantly keeps bringing things up gets upset when their load of some of the dramatic toward interest rates it's like being on the other side element. OK I guess. Don't know I just hate that Disney gets my money's always avoided dogs in the deaths are cafeteria. Come on man. Dubbed the engineer Matt you to sit next to me and if if I love Adam driver Q is it that lives Super Bowl commercial and those dead yet and I thought it was great it was like really cool to Vietnam nights when he comes on screen. Guy. It's a UAW my number one choice for playing. Rom for playing the ultimate bad guy in a trilogy franchise them deported more than anything else but at the same time like he's such a character like really like him so many US that your choice to begin with but it coming now I would assume your 100%. Cougar rightly. They found the brain. Like brother like. With Hayden Christiansen they tried to find to play Darth Vader. They tried to find it like a guy that was extracting and strong and handsome looking and I think it was kind of a mistake because. The I drivers not in like. Traditionally they're looking yes and so there's like a bit of maybe there's a bit of chip on the shoulder then they kind of under public striking back your little that I think that's but I think. I I very little bit with what you're saying because they think. I'd like the fact that like I ace or actions that liked it but I think Casey they're going for death with Vienna can thing because. He's supposed to be the greatest Jeddah I key use the dude yeah so he should be Tom Brady like chuck bit the problem is. When he had the moment three he had to turn there he was so corny yeah that's but he couldn't be bad accused he was Chinese football any can be yeah. That's burner in the back and I really describe it because you don't. Like from somebody that's never had it all right. You develop laws that way and then they become once you ripped it open the flaw becomes magnified and recruit exciting. These are you just can't keep children sometimes it's a commissioner hands. So that when you become the dark lord label who aren't like you know what's capable than that and so excellent force choke. Now to play. You're in the clear for dollar ticket I'm also working on my force powers protect myself slowly as the your guardian of Lackey he shared. And I didn't say which way I was working on it hit you head back FF FF a really at a play games like that I always delight and never go dark because I like don't like created suffering. I do the same thing and then like half way through like. It. Yeah that are the game fable that came out on its us to ever play this person account akin to a my when you brought that up yet it's pretty cool that that was a quarter of the first examples of where you can kind of W one also in Nam on nets in the Old Republic the yeah I think you pick between women that want. I don't put a memo like where you were running around Old Republic times and you could be whatever and that's a pretty cool. Yet a look at those are saying fables eyes fun because you kids because the characters would react to you depending on how you played it. So if you elect a bad guy you can ready you can walk into a diligent people just run. Which is always kind of pretty awesome equipment to do it yet still republic doubts that the memos to gather that do you think PC gaming. And a date and then no dude yeah the only animal I really of Playboy is. The DC once it was free way about my place and it's still history. Enemy can acres characters. Or something and I was like what is it thirty elementary playing Q knickers and a video game get out of here so Darth Vader is in rebels man he's like they'll still make some appearances and if they do it just right Disney understands how to. Do bad guys Lou they understand how to like sprinkle it in Israel actually give you just enough to be like when. And so Darth bitter mixed couple appearances leveled say how or what he does or whatever but every time I'm like. Bulls snapped back this awesome. And as a bunch of like he has little underlings and restrain the little forced him to the guys these delicate team of people are doing his bidding to trying to hunt down tonight to get political slick piece is filled and it's those inquisitor is Danica. Bum and it's pretty cool we'll watch that happen to like and remember that just because that bridge and I fell. Buick wouldn't get rid of everyone there would be people that would like round on a mission there like no local yet or not we like the spaceship like. Got the suicide outlaw yeah yeah it I don't know I don't know and he that Eric go to order. And so it's it's pretty fun to see the Vietnam. To see like a little bit of the other stories that happen when a guest. Whether it's did it is good job with a there's like there it's for kids morsel teams and so there's a lot of annoying like king. Yeah that sucks but. Overall stories like pretty like come dark kind of like a lot that's cool to Alex. Yeah I've I've kind of kicked around a couple of times I've never really fully in. And into that a lot lately those like it through like two thirds of the season or a third of us something like kind of binge and they never go back to finish like. I saw them finish likelier Akamai like I think two episodes to go I'm really batted not bend watching stuff I can't I can't give up a weekend stooges watching one show it doesn't. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time or whatever and so. All watched an episode or two after work. Every day or so and then after electric Ford is like a board voted Israel's that they are like I have to go do and Aaron dale and I like break up that cycle than. It takes it from Nowak and it's a watch is if it's like an episode or two at a time before bed yet but we're now on season six of 30 Rock because we spring a couple of nine and on that show it's got to him that's the best of it. It's a hotel even now the trick season six and it's getting corny and their like stretching for like story ideas yes sir tectonic his wife has been kidnapped by North Korea. But the public a pretty. But it can't Elizabeth Banks is too high price actress to have an every episode right. So you have to get rid ever somehow and that the electorate very tongue in cheek that they know what Brooke are being ridiculous but until life imitates art newfound bigots kidnapped by the Russians so I was John Manley that did not say that's a did not. Analysts and robots C three. 52 half helped so good it's so Ochoa had a it's at today's the first day where I've been on the Internet and hasn't been all. Politics the court wasn't all like ten different yes sources writing about how after we are and it's been delightful hope. You know I can have I've heard tell of that though because. I'd hit that took that spot tumors and I am just. The lines. All of it like whatever but I like. But that's the world that's the that's he has to fight through it because. I feel like you can't speak here it's like this this is exactly what the plan was. To begin with like let's route lets everybody yell themselves out and then we'll just go on and do over in India so it's like. Wife I feel you like I don't wanna see you anymore I don't wanna be on their anymore but then I also feel like Judy if you. Stop paying attention. Or you stop. Keeping it as a focus now it goes to the background and then in a year when morale you know slayer is like this happens everything can happen here. I'm the sykora to kind of this piece of the Atlantic and it was civil unrest will not be a problem for the presidency. It will be a resource. Share consistent as we become kind of complacent I ever have a feeling that they'll be like you know. We've all lied gifts. And the people look at. All. And we'll get mad again. As soon as we become pacified to illustrate that they'll stars back up to make sure that they convert their thinking big game re elections analysts academics or that. That were making their base stronger by being obnoxious. Grade and out. Power of just watch Star Wars episode 123 until it can detained for meddling. I mean dull wouldn't it didn't look at the blue. Yeah cabins are so bad the first one. The older one has lost some and the fight between Darth Maul is grave and liked but don't stuff in between is like I was five minutes of the movie yeah. End. The trucks from. Who are some it's like. Yeah that and also. With their abrupt about a brought up how dumb it was that they spent three episodes. Sort of explaining force ghosts sort of like that the that's what we got out about like there is a hole like from the very first what it was like. I am dead but I might not be dead that's worth VR OK they are the clone wars the. The Cartoon Network series of shows they do a good job led by the end of that they explain how all that comes together which kind of cool share about how like you ought to figured it out. Yes and that's neat but again like that was one or two episodes of like a twenty miniature at six and a half hours of movie you can to have. If Mickelson or something up in the air for like. It didn't have to doesn't have to be on that and agree in. It's ribbing in this week the post Super Bowl week where there's like nothing. That nothing really going on right now it's that it happens every year. Your Premier League teams fallen apart. How am I basketball team fell apart last night now. Yeah a second best player probably let his knee again. And we've lost like ten minutes while gains and the bucks and Andy Kennedy stuff though that com. That the that come back in front of the City Council with the yes that's -- arena deal yet I was about how Matta was that they wanted to read do you Q arena I'm mad about that too I'm not though because it's important largely from that court that I just read the civil unrest is going to be tool. Win the with a saleable why don't we just do lose you re aluminum rumbling and what's the worst idea trapped a little like never work. Yet no lover go for it'll bankrupt the team again they'll believe again all of separate. A much over the keeps us talking about it and keeps us mad about it and gives it to like not wanna do two in comparison to what we may be wanted to I think it's going to be hard convincing people that. Sports is priority right now. I don't disagree with you but that's why the Soto deal is so perfect there is no tax money going to that. I do it is willing to pay for everything how is that. How is anyone against that I didn't read about it closely enough but is that still the contingent on them not having to pay like one over the ticketing tax or whatever yeah there is a tax break in there somewhere but to the other team of the other owner of the team so get. And so he wants he raised all the money to be able to build this thing and I support the CEO report giving. Fired is going to change how they handle. It would be I mean. At this point. It's a hell of a good PR move to kind of like a like are you know like back I was a jerk to port of Seattle is not that. Kind of a company we love this city bubbled up in the South Africa. I am oh what are they try to strategist got a strategy for them I don't know if they've just started building yes. That's also can just pulled a guy with a shovel to south they're like yeah happy and yes my idea was how they tried bribing city officials. I would assume that's been tried but I think the port has been Bratton better. Now that's kind of because I'm watching how the other stuff works in their like look at billionaire. Takes charge of education. Yes and then you read like. Florida senator bribed public the dollars and murder devote an elected a second that's just public knowledge like. Also that it I was glad I was kind of laughing about that the other day and yet we're bribed also noted that it was like I was limited the device stuff was coming out and it was like all of via. It was all of the money that her family donated to these senators don't gonna vote for her hot and what do we are told that I couldn't help but laugh because. The it's crazy this is. In this is literally true. I have more regulated. As far as how I choose what songs go on the radio ya then. Politicians are getting into office what is clear about something everyone whoever. Texans say I wish you wouldn't get paid to play the song we Jones yeah I wish we didn't get page for the occupy and I will have a wake poor car you don't actually wished that for everyone that I had to sign a forklift we will last week had to sign the forms saying that we will not take anything more. That a 25 dollar gift once a year from less than her yeah thing like let alone anything else let us Johnson and and again do soderling. He he was like whoa I really did determine the exact sorry Danica from the exact thing these that is a quote I just keep making money off of organs out of my head. What are friends for twenty years. And if I'm sorry that you still think that that's how this works we're getting paid to play stuff 'cause that is not how it works not always an hour's I would go to jail for that. Also apple gonna change because they're gonna. Ginger rate they're gonna like sure of the Internet and bureau of all the rules for big rod for doing things except for radio apparently because we can't do anything them. But everybody else is like it's the wild west like posada gets you what kid that's no worries are linked. That's the thing that always drives me crazy it's like there are web sites devoted to this that are clearly not paying anybody like they're just doing it. They never getting in trouble and yet like like if I post a Napoleon Dynamite gift. Feel like we have the database that they provide you actually upload saving or whatever. Off my personal Twitter my personal workout though I can get in trouble for that lets them. Hi I was somebody on the Facebook's yesterday had a really funny joke and I responded saying if I was allowed to post acute post slow so that this this is fun. It through the responses yet they need to let you Gregor go back to being funny on the Internet thank god thanks and Baghdad with the Clinton that's a sorry. But don't allow eyes now which I noticed that. To be clear in case the overlord they're listening I understand. Yeah it just sucks. That is the the way the were regulated so I guess now like senator Kabila and for that because he. He gave me because your family is somehow gave me a 100000 dollars writes I don't think. Here is a flat screen TV for no reason to think like you think like that break Bernie Sanders is the home right now just like. Grouping blood because of this look at these soma we're gonna kill that man now that man's gonna die to be clear but stressed not we are the podcasts are gonna go right after the write these last can be clear we're like yeah. We the collective actions of America are going to be the reason he dies the royal we can and if you live with the fact that the yeah I I I like. I don't first a lot of saint Elizabeth Warren will be an ex president I don't think so. Bernie Sanders will not make it four years. He's gonna die on the floor on the senate like is he's gonna it broke right there. Expect us to go that's probably the way that he died doing what he loved boasts a arguing with them today showing pictures of two we got. Looking everywhere with the heat he died with a look of disbelief understates the and a little birdie that landed on a pedestal a metaphor are very American remain there for a puppet like what is happening here that goes with warrants to polarizing she will not be the next person she will actually I think showed I boo even what she's doing I think that showed more get in the way of her party than she will achieve anything. Maybe people will be like look at that. Angry nasty woman and that's lapel pin them on they're gonna need. They're gonna need somebody that no one's heard up to come and could be like. I've been there. And maybe. I don't think that anyone has any kind of planner any understanding of counsel who is gonna work is I don't think anyone knows how to handle any of it. Now like this is none of this Nixon did a despite this recommendation for news media if you really want stir things up. Personally you should just spent all your time ignoring everything and just working with lawyers to figure out how to impeach a person that should be the elect a don't get caught up in the kiss like apple are outraged even though he says that every day on outrage every day. When outrage becomes normal the nothing happens that's but. I think that the news media if you wanna troll them every day they should report. America's least content but this popular president of all time. Bomb just say stuff like that and then leave with that can that'll drive him cool breezy did you see the interview and communicate to a destination he. Minister Yitzhak. Did you see the interview with. Kellyanne Conway and the chopper yet not man. It is. I don't drink have a very high opinion CNN let me be clear about this now. Because I get grouped in with the idea that your god damn liberals like Sharia snowflake is in a lot of second I'm anti both parties let me be clear about this. Also the snowflake is the guy who whines about his daughter's brand getting dropped by a store on Twitter tomorrow. The worm. That in your view is eight. Is the blueprint. For how you need to handle. Jeff a lot of this entire administration. For the next four years he never gets visibly rattled. But he also still has that look of like. In this she's as hot campaign. But he doesn't go to the point of the insulting because that's the thing this there the other side is looking for that moment ago policy. Or they go I thought you were supposed to be decided that is the tolerance of people like you are being intolerant right Fredricka. And all he does the entire time as calls. He calls BS win BS ECB cult and he's like that's now what I'm asking. And then she does her spin and she and I actually. Go back and forth and I feel I've I'm one hand I feel terrible for her because she's turning of the skeletal yet and before and are not like I mean she's being consumed by the evil. This she should have been and can skywalker and absolutely three. She's got sleeping she's turning into like this creature of evil it's gonna consume her and her quest to prove she's right. And she's so is she so like so skillful. And this is it is it is a terrible job the terrible job you have now. On but she chose it no one's make unity yet read it led the whole time like he liked it's great because every false statement. He's like. No that's wrong. That's not true. Well it's no no no no no not any you've really it was that it was impressive that he didn't let himself get rattled to the point of kind of making an argument. Just state. State facts fight facts fight lies with facts yet it's only way to do it now and it was just a credit looks like the whole like. You know how must like you know I can cause not only the 4000. Terrorist attacks that are under reported he has. I'm literally on the screen on the TV that you can't see right now I'm literally it's you can see the videos of all of us reporting on all of them now. Why don't these talking about those eighteen he's talking about the other ones he's like affiliated variously that no these are the ones in what used in the list these are on your list views of the ones know no but it is she's the he's referring to these other ones he's like. Kabul this is these are the ones that are on there it's amazing it's really worth a watch as long. But any targets like you might skip the first seven minutes I'll just hustled out but it's it's really get it's really it's a master class in. In your viewing and getting some and on the hook in not letting them off I must be so. Uncomfortable to know that you Michael so the big thing is that the White House it is now saying that they don't like. That the idea might be that. Went past us and I'm projecting that the idea might be that they don't report they don't respect people who aren't strong and so you put whoever it is on TV that goes wrong. Yeah and that's like oh you can beat up you just. You might be lying that's OK as long as you look like you're tough yet until the the pro secretary guy who's got until like his head is actually going to pop off of his like shoulders. I ordered a boat got. Don't know who I feel I I feel partially bad for all of the spokespeople. Because they chose that. I know and and I always that's rat is a bike is and as they start to feel empathy as a way to second timeout and they'd willingly did this and they're not being forced to do this. But I think I think. It still has to be. Like Spicer it's still has to be horrible to have to go out there and say that things that he says because I. I like to believe that most people are yeah I like to believe that most who aren't pure evil guy. Now. Not everyone's not pure evil and feel like. Oddly that appeared to interpret to yourself like I think this poor guy has it got there and defend. Donald Trump calling for a boycott of Nordstrom's like TrueCrypt hypocrite that's like a big agenda item for the right at night and if you're here that. Robes if like yeah. Think that's pretty good here the argument about the I could float on its packet it's like. And I kind of wish weakened like. These are things that we shouldn't be worried about now. Is there are way way more important in terrifying things notably we just elected a way a racist intent and the attorney general Allen. And that's not me projecting that as of that these are racists. The keys for veal. He also supports the death penalty for children put up a that in fact this does not mean projecting as a fact. Like he was two races to be a judge in Alabama. That the illustrates the plays that is a fact if if if I had a valve has most racist but Dowdell are part of yet that's as true statement. Eight there was questions of his character. And cannot ever. Drain the swap John during the slump. And filled the white house with it could. That's where are they drained it adrenaline doesn't what do you know that it's an eerie kid ache or injury it's a just threw everything o'clock in the Catholic real yet to get the door closed. And your life comes in and she's like but you did a really good job meanwhile you can hear that you can hear the door like there. It is like what's what's in the cloud you know I don't go to go to bum and I who loves lesser of Ramallah sure it is for cultures are good. Are you some vegetables with get out of here in the Clinton for Monica go for salad what the other get out here. With the OK let's do a little Johnny hit it straight you'll see a but it Armonk good and you're mid. How did she die well the closet door erupted full of doom that wouldn't do it. A flying defender cat cutter right in the temporal lobe that. That's a and then she's lip then a skate guard and it was over so. You'd have quit in me that question. Hmmm wonder. When you name characters and video games we have the option do you enjoy the naming process or are you moving on to rule would get in the game place. The naming part I don't really that the neighbor it's always weird because it's like. And you gotta make it yourself I feel like I I'd I'd not like feel like Colin Clyde frog or something randomly taking into account went up out of habit whatever. I can't I I do you like creating the characters though like designing innocently that. I'm into that again I really like to try to make wage. Good looking characters I guess you'd say are like half the time and again like it. I spend more time if I like a wrestling in as them more time making like all the old dudes like the Hulk Hogan stuff that actually playing the game. It's very interest think has as. I'm the opposite I love. Crude like creating a NG new bricks to. A new beast and I think about playing the six Star Wars galaxies probably get back and yeah. And my Milwaukee super glue. Was like I may have a kicked character that I thought was. Also looking but it wasn't based on anything I showed a fund name or sought out ordinance that when someone comes to talk to me that night. CC and in super glue collect brother yes I work ethic. And he's got so and so. Whatever ever week we by few good episode 42 of the America siblings art. How so it can. It's. Only prisoners soak it. There was sick game was still the way it was when I play I don't have time to play a role play game anymore does write this point mile I've but it's. I remember thinking a serious amount of time and that get them playing those and creating crazy characters and stuff and it was so fun and then when they introduced the jet died it was like the first time you saw the light Saber activated and been a bunch imperil sort of chasing this rebel movement that rule with awesome and it was like really. That was really fun to see that to tell us how to that everyone became a Jenna because he could you have to let everyone because everyone wanted to beat that right you're making good game it doesn't stick with the continuity of these story hit it right. That's as that's those kids or is hardly that the because Likud you have to have the time to do it and it's like I don't have the time. Yeah it was like. You know would almost blew up it was before we all decide on the Internet social media being all day yeah ironically you do have the time if you just not checking your social media turn off my notifications on Miami's he's become a phone. Change of life and yet I wanna have to do that because I can't I can't you face but anyway it's so grows its. Totally worth it may I recommend that everyone turns off just. Notification part via. Just and that's like so I get now I get between the change the IOS four. Apple you can picnic on new stores them pop open like got to get headlines all day yet Cheryl second know what's happening I'll get checked out times New York Times. Few others on the come up that's cool because and I'm the stories are coming up to me but without my. Racist friend of adding his own take on two letters that and the like do log onto FaceBook wants to have computer did you work what ever the road there's ten potential withdrawal here you know I hit all those. Yeah share but it doesn't. It doesn't take over my phone's screen it's on not just getting on FaceBook for a reason Twitter. Needs to send Donald Trump a giant check of blood and I know our and it. I think it was awful tumble with the happen if you and him Twitter were taped this would happen this is their. They've been in so much trouble trying to figure out how to keep the thing afloat all the sudden the number one way that the president communicates with the people is via this and it's just started this whole new approach to it I love it and I can't stale what are I love to I've we've talked at this for a while it tutors mention it's always there for me to I've always enjoyed the idea of just being able to get quips these disappear. Not forever but liked it just in the moment it's on TV and like the most about. It there's there's no responses. To. I don't wanna dialogue I don't need you to tell me my jokes funny like like it share I like written pleas retreat needle like me just that's what I'm always in for yeah. Because that's you want reach that's our job and that's our goal is to reach. But that's what matters you know sunny and assign an army Fowler's habits how low what's your reach make hoot hoot who sees your stuff now union. But I love that it's like. There's no. Forum for the Dick head troll ago this is you stupid you're an idiot yesterday I was on FaceBook and posada this kid. And this high school kid scored 92 point it unbelievable well but if you watch the video he cherry picks. Sure thank you just stands are half court for like half the game and they just. Lob bombs too many doesn't it's it's which is weak yet it's so it's thank you so it's not. Holy cow biscuits were 92 points. Tickets be square BB fifty which still impressive but I mean like it's the same way though that you have to be impressed that a bit quicker guy that is to a qualified gets elected to brought the country. It's the same thing worked like wow that's impressive that you were able to do that that's not necessarily the best with but that's like. I respect anyone who can figure out how to game the system like that it just sucks to have to take part and I would disagree but fair fair point per point I don't I don't I don't support the idea of the but I I respect that you figured out how to do this and other and the other people could you have stop yet so I make up that I have my little headline thing was something stupid it was like. Like I've got a left for cherry picker is a list is could come to UW and then discuss August yet. And I can't it's such a huge huge dove brand John man yeah it's well I didn't try to put it in this context of Seattle writes so. I know this is kid comes to it the Huskies and I hope I can wait to see in cherry pick all over the rest of the pact however many teams are in the first ass hole commentary. It's the pac twelve. It's been that way effort there's twelve teams has been away for five years page I know viewed hey dummy. I'm making jokes over a year now and if you don't like the joke that's fine and I'm not saying it's even that good of a joke. But like. What you want is a basketball player scores 92 points he is good but he cheated and just now putting about due to smiley faced a number of it. You are saying and I and then and then the next guy like is like. First literally for stewards UCLA commit. Again. I make and it got team joke I make it a goof path they go to Sports Illustrated he want actual. Headline news and also don't tell me not to doubles the two things that this is just a weird thing to see on the Internet today like this is excellent reporter talked about here does. I'm not trying to cover sports and I'm also not trying to actually suggest he's got the cubs too you'd also that I won. You both commented new increased the reaching Q yeah. And now go after Sosa hit a path. A mom I really enjoyed just. Hiding people are not to see it that's gone to me. Ever what their friends can see it pay the classic car broke about three. Will land loser Chris but it's just I don't understand the I don't under and get the point of it makes me sad that their people that's how people get their kicks. On this planet now how often do you write something back to someone who's the lead and walk away. I've kind of tried to stop doing that altogether because eventually one's gonna get through I would it send an accident instead of delete your and we have a problem. Bombed it to show people like it's someone that Micah Wright is an actual friend of mine will post something and I'll be like hey you realize that. When you say that four out of five cats are actually dogs and that's not. Real. Yes the only time and in my mid point the only things that I respond are again I'll fight your nonsense with fact. So if summons get it. Say something ridiculous. I would respond not rudely. Imus I would you say it that's actually may have a 'cause in here is like a trump supporter now which is not cool. And she's really young which is even worse if that she's a woman like I thank all of like age is like a a law. And I don't think it's my place to talk down to her or lake try to change your money on private he's my age you are correct I just want to. And enlightened I guess more than anything if that's the kind of a heavier word and I'm trying to use but late so shall. It was like. She would post that she posted the is this the clip. We in trump had that press conference and the girl. Asks for a job and he's like who did come up here any kind of fake interviews or for like a second music let's get her job in the lake she's exceeds that like. RD create jobs. And that was a hope that the plant capped with no right so like so. Those are the times I like all right I have to stop here because. I think playing fast and loose with facts. Is a dangerous. Dangerous horse like so those are the moments that I will I will be like. Pause. This is this is not true. And you're an and it as it's really scary to me because. The Internet is un checked FaceBook is unchecked also I don't wanna to be checked. Rights but if but at the bit then the onus is on YouTube. When you see this its sights. It's on us to sale like no that's not make that cut shared seventy billion times this is not truth though. But this is not a real thing that happened stop now. Writes no it's wrong Ehrlich there there's like a soldier guy that's talking about Ali Witten they talk to the Iraqis or whatever and he's like at they would come over and why would you like if what would happen if I walked down the street at night in this town all of it would kill you. So why do we want those people to come to America. Yeah well you're correlation as fans are right lake well. If they know grim if they were let into America they wouldn't be living in a war zone. Where four out of five people that are surrounded surrounding them have either like bonds guns or grenades. Also hold a fund. If we wedge to Iraq or wherever. To Syria and we cherry picks the people out of their houses and brought them to America they might be to put if they want to come here I hit pay because the try to get aware of that. Different than any it. It is. Hard for me because I feel like it's my responsibility. To help. On create dialogue that is. At least true to oneself. Ands. We're in a position where people are gonna look up to us for our opinion but also. What I do is make jokes about the Internet. Right so maybe I'm not the person you should be taking your cues from. Maybe there are like community members that have that are more interest it and continue a yeah education and affair like. A more of teaching you how to make these decisions for yourself that you should be going to read unfortunately. Curtain when that lacks. The Internet has front and waiting for the right and so. I'd it's a very tricky position for me because I don't wanna be on our stations FaceBook being like hey dummies. We can do is look this is saying and I should but also what I sure like Modest Mouse to tour of Japan and no one gives a crap yeah. So let's stick to music. Yeah 300 years later what was the point is that it's adjusting its in its. With a little weird time very weird. And I think this is a I think that we will look back on this and be like I'm. Thought. You remember that man that gets elected again everything changed I had amendment. We release them Mexican friends. You member there now Idaho and now I can tell what I'm from south of waving south siders yeah it puts political editor at today that I saw was they it was a map of of America. And this is the more I panicked. Not Canada have been chastised by Canadians for the rest on America is not where. We live as a country. It is an entire continent. Round it is north central and south all connected together ran except for where that mean that thing in itself. Canadians are Americans and Mexicans are Americans and Brazilians are Americans were all Americans. It's. You members of the United States of America did that week and I was like. Oh crap no one ever lay that out for me that's simply and it's like obviously Evelyn at my whole life yeah it was never like hey bro yeah. You're not the only Americans to supplant throwing that around whoever so now I'm what did definitely hold everyone to that in criticize every four that. I like that because you got X are you good to Canada and a dog back to America on Tuesday and like always of an America to. Yeah I'd like you live in Canada shuttle yes you are insane guy you know what I mean that the timing of being a deck. Kind of yeah you're here and it's like that nobody is if he's black right. I do like well the kid to say that and that you know what I mean del ray yeah we understand that you know the deal yet but you're talking about. Like done up. To Syria remind us. You know it must be. Yeah it did when our real rock rap I do like I've liked talking to her dumb (%expletive) with the black topic for today that's. The fifth. This is important hold on. I think we talked about it we talked about the judges think you called him out. Select I think I mean if you're a black person. I can only imagine that the racist judge becoming the decision maker for our country is probably. Be a topic that. I would be interested in man you know watched Seles and until that you're not at the C. And I got it last night's episode. Dealt with the and word and it was. It was wild own ego that day when it's CE the whole thing started was. A Colorado. Met Carlos gets killed. But franks yells something to get his attention. And then Charlie comes in the seats that would yells is not okay but the and not to get into the entire putt but they end up in front of that they end up in front of a judge. Or a litigator and a she's kind of like. On the meta scale you're gonna this is incredible what this is gonna. And then they get at some point in the episode they get into the we you can't say that that's not offensive. It's not. So you can say whatever you want to see simmons' life yet okay and deleting your happens to be black and MMX fake so. What would you say to her if she was in my issues in the house happening what would you say. And then everything. Moon oh you mean and then Charlie says that the public and like you're on your couch and you're like coach and that it. That they give bleeds like. All. And then they get into all of the words cancer. And it never noticed leaks folk who they do like a whole bit high and the CU where to catch up on a lot tonight as you know incredible. Most it was it was so all night yet it's just so uncomfortable. And ask let's go rebels' season three episode was when she don't cartoons yes. Check this out little cartoons yeah that is a pretty sweet pretty producer with the hit. I got a good like I let topic gaga fried chicken for it's it's yes. Nailed it nail bed and I can go to Israel's raid nets are about fried chicken crest pizza. It's called sheets nine bomb familiar OK maybe trapped now because you're obviously still lots yet. You get the chiefs and doubt. You also have the task. Doesn't go down a little like I'm I'm should be a bit much after I. I mean it's as if she can harm. She preferred shots a poly Coburn has mom make in the past two department ever had that writes that any. And she would have like stories over for Christmas to commit a hole to go thing I was unemployed in the summer it's the chicken part of washed old wrestling tapes it's great. Literally what happened. Have a all of his family than others like them a million of them somehow. And there was a rustling on him we were it was Chris Smith and it was Vegas so it was like. Seven you have to get rid. Effective when it's in there and beat their best and W oak Christmas to you don't seraph let's go when you were there disputed she's sort that are I was. She actually got the she me and her her and I. Both interviewed. At the same time. Years before I got hired there and she got the gig and I ain't like. 2000 mess that experience no offense there if you somehow some across this podcast I've bunt by with a bit of the. I heard her. She was on minute before I flew to Vegas to to audition yeah so I got to hear that. As terrible thing so I watch I flew into Vegas think and I got this new to kill this in a diamond those pockets. This is gonna be easy yeah and then and I did a great job and I flew home and it didn't hit me. Until I got off the plane back to Arizona and I was like. Wait a second. She's got screwed some hook up up up up. I. Me I don't have this in the bag and Jennifer didn't yes says she got hired and I did that I got iron and then you got tired of the NN I got tired so I mean I guess in a way it worked itself out but it. Chipped it in the end justice Louis and across the in the yen late so it says he doesn't even in her old man who read to you guys hear the new league parks on both just way. Just wait it gets opened the door back just the way I'll try here key player for I don't how I can't I can't I literally can't play for you just way. Who has it can I put them up and employment over the phone for me know how did you hear it then. And sources I mean to some of played it for you your ideas who were sort of beta for me. Hole off the couple talked about it off the except you don't want that wax. But trust me just remember who just. Wait just wait. Okay. It will be you will be something after you're. The but anyways so yes continue to serve exco fox Foxconn to compete that's I don't think so let's go to Suffolk so I think there may read it. It's ourself let's go backwards starting out and into Wednesday I got fried chicken top dozen guys I don't know if you ever like if you ever. If your time at the crossed crossed I made no. Well I guess ish but no not really because she's worked there when IE. Calico. Or does she done issues shall do a night's. Bishop quit. You replaced year note and no she I did after his or Plaisted. The what was the extreme disorder would Dave Kate and an enemy and prime black. Okay says Sarah got tired tonight sits do nights. And I didn't. And then you went in I got afternoons boy that was. And urban called and many times my life and my god. And I like that do exciting a little like hey. I as the guy who turn that station from things slip not to double play. Without anybody known it was me yet look and now as the afternoon host and a fluke and I'll never forget the first I would put sex on fire it was during my show. And Kings of Leon and people were like. What is wrong with the people. And then it then I think what we got a little cold feet about changing just push it and then he was out and argue that was snowfall yet. He had different for sticking up for brutally wanted to share absolutely and he's got used to tell me all the time about having a drop that you would play it live on the radio and hot chicks are coming to pick up the prizes that would support among the last. So he could see boobs on the window. The sounds of life. The different time yeah Las Vegas radio about the year 2000. That it was pretty bananas. I mean the entire all the integrity of the two thousands all of the 2000. Yeah ethnic data stopped by that that lasted a long time. Now that's. I myself down on it so that's unfortunate. I don't think you would have swam in that pool that it not yet that is definitely not for. That's definitely not for me now. And I I did my best try to like. I was funny because when I got that job I thought it was an act of rock station this is rated talk they'll make sense to some of Cuba. I thought it was like dislike. Boys' club you know talked about it spinning half. And honorary member like accurately lasts. And Ernie PD comes in music we got to fix this thing this is an alternative station. And literally I go wait why. India's yes this is an alternative station. And I'm like I thought we were just an active rock that somehow got three port on the alternative panel hook it into a notably the he's like no this is publicity an alternative station and Nicole. Oh my again Kyra we need to mix and Jane I have some suggestions and thank all of that case let me tell you acidity for things that we need to fix petitions by tomorrow without yeah I know I you selector I can do this if you wanted to just give me like an hour. But we can beat you James has told us. Next is our god. Narnia evil guy. Out there error about Tim Mahoney back and was fine. And that brought him back again to gradually it in the league and again at Bagram this is the week one back here oh during an apology to urges fantastic hopefully that'll lose their jobs when CBS and and comer urgently asked. So. Look into the Stanley. While asks all right then in decades and any time for a really oh. It. Judge got some. Live update on the podcast statistics for the outer rings of Saturn talk to me I gotta give a big shout out it's begrudgingly but I have to give respect where it's due dummy of the week. Lead podcasting host of the indoor podcast wicket. With story Warrick. Breathlessly as best you block friend you know but. Tiger teed game recognizes gain congratulations wicket you're a dummy oh. They're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Hardee's. There's what an overpass them or return Chicago with content that's a Wendy's dummy.