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      051 - Barf Carpet

      Aug 28th | categories: Awesome, Podcast

      Hopefully, you enjoyed part 2 of episode 50. It was a ton of hard work. Two episode in one week?! We sure do work hard. Sounds like Gregr is turning to the darkside, great. We talk about the best and crappiest states in the union and beyond. Ever stop... Read More

      Sizing up The Teams of Captain America: Civil War

      Aug 28th | categories: Movies, Nerd Stuff

      The next big event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe happens next May when Team Cap takes on Team Stark in Captain America: Civil War. Forget Rousey v Mayweather, or NY thin crust v Chicago deep dish, Cap v Iron Man is truly the battle of the century. ... Read More

      New Music Discovery: Baroness "Chlorine and Wine"

      Aug 28th | categories: Awesome, New Music Discovery, Video

      I hope we all have that friend that just always has awesome new music to listen to before everyone else gets their paws on it. I call that dude in my life, The King of Castle Rock. The King even has a friend that shows him cool stuff - is there a wizard... Read More