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Discover & Download - TROI IRONS

Troi Irons has always been surrounded by music. Her mom is ‘80s recording artist Anne G and her daddrummed for ‘70s funk group Brick. Troi grew up singing with her family and taught herself guitar at age twelve, learning riffs to Green Day’s American Idiot and a Beatles Greatest Hits album. Early on she connected with how a song could channel feelings that might never otherwise emerge.

Download "Today" by TROI IRONS for free this week thanks to Def Jam Records

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Discover & Download - SWMRS

There’s never been a punk band like SWMRS. That’s probably because it’s too limiting to label the Oakland quartet, “a punk band.” You might initially detect the caustic broadsides of The Clash and the amphetamine bubblegum of the Ramones. But within the carefully penned lyrics, propulsive energy, and raw honesty, you can hear the echoes of Public Enemy and Frank Ocean, A Tribe Called Quest to Kurt Cobain.

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Discover & Download - Future Islands

Future Islands will release their fifth studio album, The Far Field, on April 7th 2017. The Baltimore-based trio’s first single ‘Ran’ can be heard online today.

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Discover & Download - Lo Moon

Los Angelese-based trio Lo Moon consists of Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker, and Sam Stewart. The band dropped their debut single, "Loveless," back in September 2016 but details regarding the band were hard to come by.

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Discover & Download - Sigma

As Sigma’s profile has skyrocketed, Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie have found themselves collaborating with a dizzying array of artists, including Take That, Rita Ora, PalomaFaith, Labrinth, and most recently, Birdy. Their songs and videos have become events in themselves - the promo for ‘Find Me’ featured Millie Bobby Brown and quickly became the biggest global entertainment story on the day it was released – and they’ve achieved consistent chart, streaming, and radio hits alike (no other act has enjoyed as many UK national radio playlists).

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Discover & Download - Slothrust

With their long-awaited third album Everyone Else, Slothrust deliver ten riveting anthems that reward repeated listens. The songs grab the ear and pierce the psyche with complex arrangements and lyrical depth  intensified  by guitarist/vocalist Leah Wellbaum’s penetrating vocal delivery.

Slothrust is playing in Seattle on Monday, March 20 at The Sunset in Ballard. Tickets to the show are available here beginning Wednesday, January 25.

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Discover & Download - Junge Junge

Junge Junge came to be after Rochus Grolle and Michael Noack, both separate DJs at the time, saw each other at multiple gigs. Because they really jived, the two teamed up, and it’s a good thing they did because together, they wrote the song “Beautiful Girl“ which immediately caught the attention of Universal Scandinavia at a beach bar in Ibiza. Apparently Grolle gave the track to the DJ, and unbeknownst to him, the A&R manager of Universal Music Sweden was there—and he loved the song so much he offered them a record deal that same day.

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Discover & Download - Hembree

Sometimes a chorus just can’t wait. It’s too good. It has to come first. That’s the case with Hembree’s hard-hitting new single “Holy Water.” It’s only the second song released by the band but it shows a sonic ambition and clarity of purpose that’s formidable.

Featuring a seamless mix of distinctly modern sounds, a timeless melody, and Isaac Flynn’s spirited vocals, “Holy Water” realizes the promise of synthetic sounds to elevate the organic into a sublime hybrid form.​

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Discover & Download - Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

Ask Hamilton Leithauser to describe the records that inspired his first solo album, Black Hours, and he'll end up, as many musicians will, reaching for a guitar. "I guess it’s just the sound," he says, strumming a few chords from John Lennon's Mind Games, and a few more from Highway 61 Revisited’s grab bag of major and minor, shuffle, blues and ballad.

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Discover & Download - Zeds Dead (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)

Zeds Dead is a Canadian electronic music duo based out of Toronto. The pair, Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan (AKA DC and Hooks) started producing music together as Zeds Dead in 2009. 

The latest album from the pair, titled Northern Lights, was released Oct. 24, 2016features collaborations with artists such as Weezer's Rivers Cuomo and Pusha T, which you can hear on "Too Young," as well as Jada Kiss and Diplo, among others. "Too Young" received over 250,000 streams on Spotify within the first two days of its release.

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