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Discover & Download - Middle Kids

Middle Kids, the Australian three-piece, led by vocalist/guitarist Hannah Joy, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Tim Fitz, with Harry Day on drums, first came to public attention with the release of their debut single "Edge Of Town" in May last year. Sir Elton John declared himself a fan of the song, added it to his Apple Music playlist and aired it on his Beats 1 radio show.

Download "Edge of Town" by Middle Kids for free this week thanks to Domino Records

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Discover & Download - Sjowgren

A serendipitous encounter with a stranger, an animated story told by a dramatic friend, the sprawling Californian backdrop - these are just a few of the layers that bleed together to create the many textures of Sjowgren.

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Discover & Download - Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana is a young, dynamic Melbourne artist. At just 21 years of age, Tash is creating waves and generating massive street buzz by playing sold out shows all over the World. Tash has made a name for herself busking on the streets of Melbourne and having homemade videos go viral getting millions of views online.

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Discover & Download - Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo treads the line between two mindsets: 1. The world is completely f*****. and 2. The Universe is inside you.​

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Discover & Download - Sir Sly

April 20, 2014: It’s a day off on tour with The 1975. We’re colonizing a beige, spartan room at the Courtyard Marriott in Oakland. Landon, our frontman, steps out for a smoke.

Shortly thereafter, he becomes one with the universe. Additionally, my man sprawls out on the bathroom tile, smiling, scared, and stoned, naming off a list of people to whom he must give this newly discovered, all-encompassing, cosmic love.

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Discover & Download - White Reaper

From the increasingly fertile Louisville, KY, DIY scene emerges White Reaper – an incandescent four piece who is ready and willing to blow out eardrums far and wide.

After signing to Polyvinyl in early 2014 and releasing a self-titled EP that blasts through six tracks in a breakneck 15 minutes, the Reapers — guitarist Tony Esposito, keyboardist Ryan Hater, bassist Sam Wilkerson, and drummer Nick Wilkerson — followed suit in 2015 with their debut full-length, White Reaper Does It Again.

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Discover & Download - DREAMCAR

There’s something romantic about a band’s early days. A sense of innocence, optimism, andwonder courses through the music. In the summer of 2014, No Doubt’s Tony Kanal [bass], TomDumont [guitar], and Adrian Young [drums] and singer Davey Havok [AFI, Blakq Audio] beganwriting and demoing music together. Without telling a soul outside of their significant others,the four musicians clandestinely moved into a cramped downtown Los Angeles rehearsal spotand revved up what would become DREAMCAR.

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Discover & Download - Portugal. The Man

Well, we’re two full months into 2017 and the world continues to burn like an avalanche of flaming biohazard material sliding down a mountain of used needles into a canyon full of rat feces. But hey, it’s not all bad: Portugal. The Man has a new album coming out called Woodstock.

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Discover & Download - TROI IRONS

Troi Irons has always been surrounded by music. Her mom is ‘80s recording artist Anne G and her daddrummed for ‘70s funk group Brick. Troi grew up singing with her family and taught herself guitar at age twelve, learning riffs to Green Day’s American Idiot and a Beatles Greatest Hits album. Early on she connected with how a song could channel feelings that might never otherwise emerge.

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Discover & Download - SWMRS

There’s never been a punk band like SWMRS. That’s probably because it’s too limiting to label the Oakland quartet, “a punk band.” You might initially detect the caustic broadsides of The Clash and the amphetamine bubblegum of the Ramones. But within the carefully penned lyrics, propulsive energy, and raw honesty, you can hear the echoes of Public Enemy and Frank Ocean, A Tribe Called Quest to Kurt Cobain.

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