Nerd Talk: This Lyric Speaker Brings Music To Life

Look, you can pretend that you don't like karaoke - I certainly keep that charade up... until I'm at the bar with a couple pops in me and a song comes on that I love. Just try and fight that urge to sing and gesticulate - it's nearly impossible. I think that's what makes the "Lyric Speaker" from...
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How To Fix That Annoying iOS11.1 "I' bug

Last week the new iphone update was released, complete with new emojis, new animojis, and one HUGE "?". Users quickly discovered that when they would try to type a capital "I", their phone would autocorrect it to a capital "A" followed by the unicode symbol. When you updated your iPhone but still...
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Add The End's new iOS Stickers to your phone for free!

With the new 107.7 The End sticker pack, you can add a little flair to your everyday conversations with Gregr, Manley, Chowder, The Burrito Falcon, and more for free! Here's how you download the stickers to use for yourself! 1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone 2. Tap on the "Applications" icon...
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