Taco Truck Challenge

107.7 The End's Taco Truck Challenge Featuring the Fiesta 5K Olé!

Join us for the 7th annual Taco Truck Challenge at Volunteer Park on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 for a day of beer, margaritas, live music and more! We’ll be kicking off the event with the Fiesta 5K Ole! Fun Run that snakes through Capitol Hill starting and ending at Volunteer Park, where the Seafair...
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NASA is nerding out so hard right now.


At some point we'll stop fighting over who is right and wrong and realize the robots have taken all our jobs. Prolly not today, though.


NASA likes your solutions to poop problems...


My computer is doing that thing where I type a word and then wait 5-6 seconds to see it appear all at once. It's annoying.


Seriously, this is annoying how long it's taking my p.o.s. computer to run. Maybe it's because I'm literally running four tabs and nothing else... anger face.


They're heating up... they're on fire! A major American sports league is getting into esports.

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Robots are taking government jobs - hopefully from politicians...


The worst tap-to-pay idea...