One of Two Original MLS Sounders Brad Evans Says Goodbye to Seattle

It all started with a training session with Sporking KC a few weeks ago - rumors, speculation and a bit of dread that we'd lose another Sounders FC star to the realities of professional sports. Brad Evans, captain of the Sounders FC, helped solidify the rumors: Can't say 'thank you' enough to my @...
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Here's the Thing About Canadians

Here’s the thing about Canadians... The Sounders FC traveled to Canada for an MLS Cup rematch against last year’s losers, Toronto FC and we went along! by Gregr Having never been to something as important as a championship match in any sport, the excitement level was indeed quite high. This is...
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Ranking Sounders FC supporters' tifo through the years

Tifo - those giant supporter-created displays that go up before the match, are massive work, but add massive excitement to start a match and Seattle's Emerald City Supporters happen to be pretty good at creating. As someone who can’t even get five people in a room to play a game during work hours...
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Listen to the Sounders Right Here on The End!

The Seattle Sounders are coming back to The End for two games this season (September 10th and October 22nd)! The September 10th game vs LA Galaxy kicks off at 5:30pm, but be sure to listen to the pre- and post-match shows, hosted by Gregr and Manley, and featuring Wade Webber and Dany Jackson. The...
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Watch: Marshawn Lynch red carded in charity soccer match while playing in sandals

Former Seattle Sounders FC forward Steve Zakuani puts on an annual charity soccer match with star-studded rosters. This year's even drew two NFL mega stars, Chad Ochocinco and Seattle Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch. "Beastmode's" two minutes in the match (if it was even that long) went exactly how...
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Roger Levesque - Timber feller.

Video: The Sounders Throwing So Much Shade

All you need to know about this weekend's Cascadia Cup Match against Fartland Timbers . Tickets are still available at #EBFG (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//connect...
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MLS Cup Rematch of Destiny (but in Seattle)

With only two wins, it's been a weird first two months to start the season for the seventh place Sounders FC, and this weekend Toronto come dragging into town with a chip on their shoulders bigger than Homer Simpson's rock of shame (or triumph). They lost to Seattle at home, in penalty kicks, to a...
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Sounders FC Match 7 Preview: Earth Grey!

The lucky Sounders FC squad flies to soak up some sunshine and probably get In-N-Out on their Sunday road trip to Los Angeles. Lucky! After being dismantled by former SSFC star Freddy Montero, Seattle needs to beat up on a team that's been the biggest dang thorn in their side, LA Galaxy. They're...
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Made my own Championship jersey

Sounders FC Match 7 Preview: Get on the dang Bolt Bus Already!

It isn't too late to blow this pop stand, leave the Mariners to struggle behind, and get your butt to Vancouver for a beautiful freakin' weekend of Sounders FC soccer, bridges, and a weak Canadian dollar! Seattle opens up the Cascadia Cup action this weekend and will get the first sniff at the...
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Be Rad

Sounders FC Match 5 Preview: Be Rad.

So far there hasn't been much to write home about in 2017's season. Bum-mer. A championship-sized hangover? Fine. Let it happen. Better now than at the opposite end of the year! The part where Portland is in first - THEY SHALL FALL! I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure it's just the crap gray weather...
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