The Best Netflix Original Series of 2017

I Netflix and chilled a lot this year (with my pup, Nix) but I definitely was not the only one. According to the year-end stats , the average Netflix member watched 60 movies this year. Binge watching has become a sport and I blame it on the original series that we received in 2017. They did not...
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You Can Learn to Lightsaber Fight in Seattle!

In the midst of the hype of Star Wars: The Force Awakens , I talked to a couple cool kids that run the Jet City Lightsaber Guild at the Seattle Temple. So for #TBT, and the huge debut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi , I wanted to go back and listen to this again. It was a couple years ago this started...
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10 songs turning 10 in 2018

2008 was a big year. Obama won his first presidential election, Apple launched the “App Store,” the entire financial system holding up the United States failed, and music! 10 songs that turned 10 in 2017 Put on your nostalgia pants because here are 10 songs will turn 10 in 2018: “Use Somebody” –...
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Here's the Thing About Canadians

Here’s the thing about Canadians... The Sounders FC traveled to Canada for an MLS Cup rematch against last year’s losers, Toronto FC and we went along! by Gregr Having never been to something as important as a championship match in any sport, the excitement level was indeed quite high. This is...
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