A baby was born inside a bathroom stall at Seattle's Neptune Theater

While Bob Marley's son, Damian, played the stage at Neptune Theater on Wednesday night, a pregnant lady became not so pregnant anymore in a bathroom stall inside the venue. According to the Seattle Fire Department , a woman gave birth in the restroom inside the theater on Wednesday night and both...
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Nerd Talk: Check Out These Silly, Super Fun Star Trek Alexa Skills

Anyone who plopped down into their bean bag chair after school with a snack to watch any iteration of Star Trek can relate to the fantasy of just yelling COMPUTER with a command and having a voice respond to your ridiculous requests. Mostly, I want it to call me Captain... With the introduction of...
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The Coolest New Stuff Amazon Announced Today

Tech giant, grocery store owner, and eater of cities (JK I am totally ok with my skyrocketing rent and your campus creeping juuuust a little bit closer to my front door every day. Totally ok.), Amazon held an event today and announced a ton of awesome new toys! Check some of my favorites below, as...
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All the tourist attractions in Seattle that locals should actually do

Seattle is rich with history and iconic art, locations, landmarks, views, and geography that makes its way into the background of any national sports broadcast or TV show/movie that is set here. Fish get thrown in the background and helicopter shots of the Space Needle get shown so you know you're...
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Man/Monster ruins pizza with the worst Halloween candy

Sometimes I wonder if the internet has a point where we've gone too far... I'm not talking about compromising the identities of a gazillion customers or Korean people live streaming food eating for people who pay them in balloon tips, I'm talking about giving idiots an audience to do things that...
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iOS 11 is fine

Nerd Talk: Four things that we like the most about iOS 11

Every freakin' time’ Apple holds some long boring conference about their new phone and iOS I have the same reaction - wishing I could afford the new phone and realizing how the new iOS is going to drain my battery twice as fast. After a couple days using the official iOS 11, here's what stands out...
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