SUBTRONIC END PLAYLIST: September 3rd, 2016

What a maddening weekend. Bumbershoot was nuts on Friday! So much fun. After rocking Key Arena, I escorted my mom and brothers family around to see as much as we could. My niece got to meet Halsey back stage after her set and she was pretty stoked. Then we went back to Key to watch Zed’s Dead close...
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Nerd Talk - September 7, 2016

He doesn't have a taste for late 80's playboys, his talent will help us fight the terminators someday. Nerd Talk - September 7, 2016 Read More: 1. No creep is safe, thanks to Url the porn sniffing pooch . 2. Jupiter . 3. China is going under the sea .
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Nerd Talk - September 6, 2016

If you're gonna give queen an asteroid, we're gonna need to rewrite some lyrics to make them extra terrestrial! Nerd Talk - September 6, 2016 READ MORE: 1. Freddie Mercury gets his own asteroid . 2. Poor little Philae #rip . 3. Computers are being created that will learn to deal with our feelings...
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#sEATtle: Hangover Food 2

Well, here we are again. Hungover and at work. The worst. I went down to Pioneer Square last night for their First Thursday Art Walk (highly recommend) and to check out an event called Audio/Visual, featuring some amazing art from Seattle artist Katie Kurkjy. She does these amazing pieces with...
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Nerd Talk - September 2, 2016

I would be surprised to find out that any of us wouldn't take a human flying robot suit like Iron Man, but Zuckercheeseburger seems to be close to having the Jarvis style assistant... I'll stick to be mad at Siri for now... Nerd Talk - September 2, 2016 Read More: 3. Zuckerberg has his own jarvis...
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How to Sounders Good

How to Sounders Good: Welcome Home Ross!

When Ross left for Brazil, the Sounders were crap. Then, they had a run of a bunch of fantastic games, great results, and some fresh-brewed team chemistry. Just when Ross gets back, though, they gave us that Sunday loss to Portland starting with a 4-0 shellacking in the first half. All I wanted was...
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Finally Australia is switching from Koala power to something that could easily change the way we get energy, i mean, assuming that lobbying by the coal and oil industry ever went away... sigh...