Alyssa's first Summer Camp experience!

I have known about Summer Camp for years, just like you, but never actually got to experience it first-hand. I was beyond stoked to be involved in the first year that Summer Camp was a two-day fest! Was I pumped for the bands? Of course! But I was also looking forward to chatting with you. Yeah,...
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Gregr with Eric + Sameer of Young the Giant

Young The Giant Talk About Their Sexiest Video Ever

Young the Giant went being a supporting act at shows like Summer Camp to being a headliner at the recently expanded two-day festival weekend. Their third album, Home of the Strange , hit the shelves of the internet just two days before playing Marymoor Park so we had plenty to talk about. See...
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Summer Camp 2016 Year Book T-shirts

What a massive year for Summer Camp! It was my third, and they keep getting bigger and better. It’s a time to celebrate music, and we’re fortunate that we have this phenomenal radio station to make that happen. But it wouldn’t happen without all of you who listen every day and come out to see your...
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#FlatManley Had The Best Summer Camp

Physics will tell you that it's impossible to be in two places at once, but I am here to tell you that's a bunch of malarkey! Ever year, roughly 17 million people head to Marymoor Park for Summer Camp, and every year I try, and inevitably fail, to meet them all. It's the worst! Partially because I...
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These guys ranked states by 'Freedom,' but where does Washington fall?

How free are you in Washington State? You might think by being one of the first to legalize same-sex marriage and being one of four states with legalized recreational marijuana use ('sup, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon?) we might rank pretty high up there. You would be wrong. The Cato Institute developed...
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Nerd Talk - August 16, 2016

Leave it to the makers of a South Park to give us a new game with Nosulus - a virtual reality, scuba mask looking add-on that will deliver a fart purfume to your face everytime someone in the game drops a hot one. Gross. Nerd Talk - August 16, 2016 (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays...
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Needless to say, Saturday was a long one. But someone had to make sure you had a grooving soundtrack for your commute home from Summer Camp. Summer Camp was absolutely epic, and everyone was left with massive smiles on their faces. So how better to get into it with some quirky tunes like JPatterson...
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A Backstage Karate Story from Summer Camp

As I leapt from my car in the dusty parking lot behind the stage at Marymoor Park, I asked my fiance, “Should I take my headband?” “Absolutely.” Hours later, standing in the grassy area full of band gear, tents, and dudes in black t-shirts shuttling heavy equipment on and off the stage, I...
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