We could get a Seattle NHL team sooner than you think

Before you read any further, NO, we haven't been granted an NHL team yet... BUT, there is a group in Seattle that will start collecting season ticket deposits for as low as $500 per ticket on March 1 for a potential team that would play at a new arena on the footprint of KeyArena at Seattle Center...
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The Original Karate Kids are Back in this Cobra Kai Trailer

Daniel "Crane Kick" Laruso and "Sweep The Leg" Johnny Lawrence look ready to square up and have at it again thanks to this low-budget looking trailer for Cobra Kai! Video of First-Ever Footage of Cobra Kai - The Karate Kid saga continues I feel terribly for the kids who grew up without a relevant...
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A local cartoonist totally nailed a bunch of Seattle-themed Valentine's Day cards

A Seattle cartoonist who posts to Instagram as @SeattleWalkReport is feeling the love this Valentine's Day and has made a bunch of Seattle-specific Valentine's Day cards to give to your Emerald-city-loving significant other today. 50 things to love about Seattle Download these cards, print them off...
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