Amazon is making a Lord of the Rings TV show

The rumors are true. Lord of the Rings is being made into an Amazon-produced TV show after the big Bezos confirmed a deal had been reached to bring the franchise to the small screen. Star Wars is getting three more movies Amazon Prime heads to Middle Earth.
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ANOTHER Star Wars trilogy is coming from 'The Last Jedi' director Rian Johnson

On top of the three Star Wars anthology films and on top of the new chronological trilogy, Disney has announced another three Star Wars movies will be coming from director Rian Johnson, who happened to be at the helm for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which hits theaters December 15. Video of New Star...
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Team USA Goes Full NASA With New Olympic Snowboarding Suits

All hands on deck. These new USA Snowboarding threads are hotter than glowing red part of the earth's surface after being smashed into by another terrestrial object thus creating our immediate planetary satellite, the moon (in theory). I have no idea how hot that is. They're hotter than the heat...
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Vote: Find the Closest Place to drop off your ballot!

Today is election day - normally, as a country, we tend to only vote in Presidential elections and then complain about the results for four years until we vote again, but changing our country starts at a local level. These are the dummies that impact you and your schools and your firefighters...
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How To Fix That Annoying iOS11.1 "I' bug

Last week the new iphone update was released, complete with new emojis, new animojis, and one HUGE "?". Users quickly discovered that when they would try to type a capital "I", their phone would autocorrect it to a capital "A" followed by the unicode symbol. When you updated your iPhone but still...
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