Orcas surprised a paddle board yoga group in Deception Pass and they got it all on film

As a group of stand-up paddle boarders were taking to the waters for Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga (google this) at Deception Pass , they got more than the stretches and cold water that they bargained for. Watch: WA Ferry collides with a sleepy captain's boat in Puget Sound A pod of orca whales...
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Cage the Elephant: Unpeeled

Cage the Elephant Announce Album, Unpeeled

Kentucky-then-Nashville-based rock octet Cage the Elephant (I have no idea how many people are in this band these days, but it feels like a billion) are set to kick summer into overdrive with a live album! Cage the Elephant: Unpeeled features a series of recordings from acoustic-ish shows they...
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Sega Forever

Nerd Talk: Sega Revives The 90's Straight To Your Smartphone

Forget having to buy some dumb console at the holiday that's impossible to find featuring cords that don't reach the couch, Sega went and set everyone straight by announcing Sega Forever , an iOS and Android platform to deliver the 90's straight to your smartphone! Video of SEGA Forever launch...
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Cassette Tape

Nerd Talk: The Cassette Mixtape is Back, Digital

I was having beers on the patio yesterday when my buddy who works for a small independent label complained that an entire shipment of cassettes had been damaged. He has boxes of cracked tapes that received a physics lesson about forces acting upon stuff somewhere along the delivery route. I felt...
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Family Fourth Fireworks

Are your personal fireworks legal in your hood?

Despite being illegal in my neighborhood (Capitol Hill), fireworks still go popping off in the alley behind my apartment. Boy, do they make my dog Chowder super mad. I wanna karate two-knuckle punch the crap out of you for upsetting her, but still, I get it. Fireworks are awesome. Just as long as I...
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Neil deGrasse Tyson Needs Your Help Making a Video Game

Neil deGrasse Tyson is taking his love of space science and making a freakin' video game. Unless it’s Number Munchers (or Word Munchers), I'm pretty skeptical of all learning oriented video games, but when it comes to Captain Space Pants' quest to teach us how the universe works, you’ve got my...
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New Music: This is a Massive Step for Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age are back with new music. First, they teased us with a silly video, a bunch of rock'n'roll types being questioned by some nerd with a polygraph, then a day later we received this wonderful little gift from a band boldly going where they've never sonically braved before. The...
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