Dave Grohl pulls out of Grammys performance, but might be working on the new Queens of the Stone Age album

Unfortunately, it appears Dave Grohl will NOT be performing with Anderson.Paak and A Tribe Called Quest at the Grammys this year. Which Foo Fighters album was the best of all time? Our ranking. On Friday, the Recording Academy released a statement, which said: "Earlier this week, we announced that...
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We got a gift, and Manley is trying something new. Is that a new topic, too? - Sex Music

That One Time.....I Hung With Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus

It's no surprise that being a world (city) famous (barely) radio star comes with a pretty sweet lifestyle, and a lot of times I find myself in situations where all I can think of is "can you believe this?!" For the sake of entertainment (for you) and embarrassment (for me), I thought it would be...
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Stomping Grounds: The best spots in Cap Hill (part 2)

Supported by Uber : I trade off the cost of an apartment in the city with the cost of commuting. I live on Capitol Hill and try not to drive. Ever. Also, I’m very lazy. I’ve been living on Capitol Hill now for almost eight years. My life is basically a trek between my apartment, to the station at...
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It's true, we can get even lazier!

Things you miss about Seattle once you move away

Seattle is a great city, no doubt, but you know what they say - You don't know what you got until it's gone. Sure there's the traffic and all the new developments, but our city is remarkable. The question is simple: Hey Seattle natives who don’t live here anymore, what did you miss the most about...
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New additions to Pike Place Market will open this summer

In June, we'll finally be able to see what all the construction mess at Pike Place Market has been creating over the last couple years. $74 million later, the MarketFront expansion brings in "30,000 square feet of open public space encompassing a public plaza and viewing deck" and will have its...
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Well, i forgot to do this on Monday and already forgot what it was about. Good luck.

Record listening is at a 25 year high

Nerd Talk: Record Pressing Robot About To Blow Up Vinyl

The music industry needs more robots to keep up with your insatiable love of vinyl, special edition LP's, and colorful limited run albums. So this Canadian company got busy. Video of The WarmTone by Viryl Technologies - Cycle Demo (Vinyl Record Pressing) That robot still seems pretty slow and...
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