There's an affordable new guitar meant for beginners and experts alike

There's a time in most people's lives where they consider learning how to shred on guitar, but often the price to buy one yourself that isn't terrible quality seems a bit too steep. As a guy who learned how to play on a $200 acoustic, playing a high-quality guitar for the first time felt like I had...
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Ranking Sounders FC supporters' tifo through the years

Tifo - those giant supporter-created displays that go up before the match, are massive work, but add massive excitement to start a match and Seattle's Emerald City Supporters happen to be pretty good at creating. As someone who can’t even get five people in a room to play a game during work hours...
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Manley and Alyssa geeked out hard discussing the latest season of Stranger Things. ***SPOLIERS*** Who was the MVP of the season? WTH is the shadow monster? What will happen in Season 3? All things discussed in this episode. Listen on, fellow ST nerds!


Friends Don't Lie: Alyssa & Manley Break Down Season 2 of Stranger Things

We geeked out hard over Season 2 of Stranger Things! But which season was better? Who took MVP of Season 2? And WTH is a 'shadow monster'?? All things disccused in this **SPOILER** episode with Alyssa and Manley ! STRANGER THINGS CAST.mp3 (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays...
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What's The Right Way to Make a Burger?

From the internet comes a story so shocking, so polarizing, that it has a nation divided and on the verge of coming apart at the seams. What could cause so much strife within our country? Burger emojis of course. Nerd Talk: Grow Your Own Cheeseburger! A few days ago an internet user with clearly...
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