People in Oregon are going to start pumping their own gas and their response is outrageous

If you don't make many trips down to Oregon, you might not know that when you pull up to the gas pump, an attendant comes out to greet you and fills the car up for you. You don't have to get out to type on the little keypad that always has a delay and you have no idea if your numbers are...
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Mom pod at Seatac

Those Trailer Looking Mom Pods at SeaTac - What are They?

Usually with Wendy's breakfast in hand, I go scurrying by one of the trailer looking pods within Seatac International Anger Depot without giving the pod much notice. For the first time, now armed with SpaceBaby, more bags than we have arms, and a ton of extra time, my wife took our little boob...
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There's a map showing every single record store in the world as far as we know

Anybody who is seriously into record collecting, or even just enjoys throwing a good record on every once in awhile, has a favorite record shop they frequent more than others. Some people prefer convenience and go to the closest shop. Some people like to dig for rare, used vinyls. Others go to...
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John Gourley of Portugal. The Man adopted a puppy after his show in Seattle

A little-known fact about the shows we put on at 107.7 The End is that we like to have puppies backstage for all the bands to be able to play with before or after their sets. Gallery: Bands with puppies at Deck the Hall Ball 2016 We have our friends from the animal rescue Motley Zoo bring little...
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Who needs a lift ticket when you can snowboard down the streets of West Seattle?

With a few inches of snow dusting Seattle over the holiday weekend, most people who would typically consider the weather a "snowpocalypse" were excited for a white Christmas. WATCH: Miike Snow EndSession One West Seattleite strapped on his snowboard boots and took his excitement a step further...
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All the new music we expect to hear in 2018: Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Pearl Jam, Twenty One Pilots and more

2017 was a pretty OK year for music, but we’re expecting 2018 to be even better. Last year, we thought we’d get new Arctic Monkeys, new Vampire Weekend, new Killers and a few more. We got the first two wrong, but we definitely think they’ll put out music this year. Playlist: 50 songs we heard for...
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#sEATtle: Best Bites of 2017

What a great year to be a fat kid, you guys! There were so many restaurant openings, so many incredible bites of food, and so so many Instagram food porn photos (sorry about that)! We ate steaks with a teddy bear , smashed oysters all over town, and ate burgers for an entire month (sorry, colon)! I...
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