At some point we'll stop fighting over who is right and wrong and realize the robots have taken all our jobs. Prolly not today, though.

Visualize the future of the Seattle skyline in waterfront in a new rendering video

More people are moving to Seattle, rent is rising, businesses are either booming or closing up for good, and the city is going through a massive growth period. That growth means some big changes to the city's landscape and transportation. This is the most expensive place you can buy in Seattle For...
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Shuttle Independence outside Johnson Space Center

Nerd Talk Goes to NASA

I can’t say I have ever had much intention of going back to Texas - one trip as a kid was fine - but my pal Ed got stationed there for work for a year so we went to go cheer him up! Houston, an astronaut’s psychiatrists where they can safely report all their problems, is usually just a humid, butt...
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NASA likes your solutions to poop problems...


My computer is doing that thing where I type a word and then wait 5-6 seconds to see it appear all at once. It's annoying.


The EWWWW button gets a workout! RIPepper Sex Music.


Seriously, this is annoying how long it's taking my p.o.s. computer to run. Maybe it's because I'm literally running four tabs and nothing else... anger face.

The must-have phone apps for Seattleites

Seattle is a cool place to live and it's only getting cooler (unless you're trying to buy a house, then it is very uncool). There's a lot going on in our city right now, but a few people have figured out how to make living here even easier with apps, and there are apps for everything. The most...
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USA Curling Nationals @ Xfinity Arena

Curling: That Weird Winter Sport Has Invaded Everett!

I wish I could understand what it is that makes curling so hypnotizing. It’s slow, quiet, and cold yet I’m trapped in its gaze like a starship trying to escape the Empire - in this case, caught in a very Canadian tractor beam. A seemingly simple game of ice shuffleboard using stones the size of a...
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They're heating up... they're on fire! A major American sports league is getting into esports.