Steve Zakuani

CRISIS ALERT! Steve Zakuani Talks Us off The Crisis Cliff

No wins. No points. No goals. This sounds like the recipe for everyone to freak out, enter crisis mode, and fly our fandom super star destroyer head first into the Death Star. Luckily, we know someone with a much cooler head - both philosophically and hair-stylic-ly (?). Steve Zakuani is a...
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Tycho in 4k

Nerd Talk: NASA's 4K Tour of the Moon is just Badass

As a tiny little virus running around changing the Earth to my own liking, it's a complex abstract idea to understand the scale, distance, and the barren surface of our natural satellite the moon. If you don't believe that Earth is round, please stop reading and go hate yell at someone on the...
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Museum of Flight - A-12 OXCART

Here Are A Bunch of Museums That Are Free On First Thursday

The first Thursday of every month, a bunch of Seattle area museums waive their admission fees so you can fill that big brain full of culture. Some spots like the Seattle Art Museum could easily take a handful of trips to see all the stuff without getting overwhelmed! Make sure you check online for...
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