A couple got engaged during an intimate Bishop Briggs performance

Music brings people together in powerful ways. Bishop Briggs fans Jim and Erica are now a beautiful example of that simple truth. In 2013, Jim and Erica, who were dating at the time, attended Summer Camp with Erica pregnant with the couple's twin boys. Over the four years since, the boys became...
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Google search for 'My Eyes Hurt' skyrockets immediately after solar eclipse

As the moon completed its path between the sun and Earth, casting its shadow across the U.S. , thousands of Americans and eclipse chasers returned to their computers and phones, went to and searched, 'My Eyes Hurt.' Google statistics for "Why do my eyes hurt". LISTEN: Your Solar Eclipse...
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It's time to start pouring your beer with a little more foam

Is it time to start allowing more foam in our beers when we pour them ourselves? If you're like me, you've been taught that "too much head" on a beer is a bad thing, but it might actually be better for you (or at least your belly), according to Business Insider, who got a real beer 'sommolier' to...
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#FlatManley Had The Best Time At Summer Camp 2017

Physics will tell you that it's impossible to be in two places at once, but I am here to tell you that's a bunch of malarkey! Ever year, roughly 17 million people head to Marymoor Park for Summer Camp, and every year I try, and inevitably fail, to meet them all. It's the worst! Partially because I...
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The Essential Songs of Summer Camp

16 bands! 2 days! SUMMERCAMP IS FINALLY HERE, YOU GUYS!!! Obviously, I could not be more pumped. We get to hear SO many songs this weekend, here are a few of the ones you should be most excited for. BEST SONG TO SLOW DANCE WITH YOUR BOO BOO TO Video of New Politics - Tonight You're Perfect...
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