Taco Truck opens up shop in Seattle's stopped traffic

In case you haven't heard, an overturned tanker on I-5 stopped traffic in both directions . Fortunately, one opportunistic taco truck, Tacos El Tajin, took advantage of the situation to everyone's benefit. #Q13FOX viewer Rachel McQuade sent us this video from NB I-5 near I-90 where traffic is...
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What does $2,000 rent get you in 10 different Seattle neighborhoods?

We talk a lot about all the people moving to Seattle and the construction boom that comes with it. Rent prices seem to be soaring these days, but are the only reasonably priced options out there just micro-studios or paying your friend a couple hundred for a spot on his couch? This is the most...
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Sasquatch 2017 Daily Lineup Released

The Sasquatch! Music Festival daily lineup has just been revealed with Frank Ocean leading the Friday set, Twenty One Pilots on Saturday, and Chance the Rapper on Sunday. Single-day passes also went on sale along with the news . Every Lineup Festival in the U.S. & Canada (so far) The festival...
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When did he get so space grumpy. - Space Music


NASA is nerding out so hard right now.

Ways to Take Out a Drone, Ranked.

There's been a lot of stories in the news this week about animals wrecking drones. First it was reported that France was training eagles to snatch unwanted drones right out of the sky. Then a pack of angry Siberian tigers turned a drone into an afternoon snack in China. It got me thinking, in the...
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Father John Misty and Lorde will play SNL in March

Saturday Night Live announced their musical lineup for their upcoming shows in March, and those who tune in on March 4 will get to hear the musical stylings of Seattle's own Father John Misty. Then, on March 11, Lorde makes her return to the SNL stage while details surrounding her new album are...
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Nerd Talk: Why I'm Sorta Sad About NASA's 7 Planets

This week, NASA announced that a team of scientists have been studying a nearby star system whose belt is a bunch of kick ass looking earth-like planets orbiting around in a tight formation. TLDR: Breaking down exactly what NASA found, and can we go there? Around a nearby, cold, small star we found...
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TLDR: What exactly did NASA find out there?

On Tuesday, NASA announced a cryptic press conference for the following day to make an announcement about a "discovery beyond our solar system." What could they have found? Life? Star Wars was really a documentary? A THIRD Death Star? No, No, and maybe, but would they tell us? What did they find?...
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Dan and Imagine Dragons lol about trading cards

There's a New Imagine Dragons Album in the Works

With a music fury as big as that huge bass drum they bring on stage, Imagine Dragons rose from playing The Crocodile just years ago to headlining Deck The Hall Ball with their sophomore album. It was a dark time for Dan Reynolds (vocals), despite the rising success. Out of nowhere, Imagine Dragons...
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