Hashtag Cashtag

Will you win? Probably not. Should you try? Why not?

Hashtag Cashtag is back on 107.7 The End! 

Let's be real: you probably won't win $1,000 in the Hashtag Cashtag contest. But why not try? Worst thing that happens is you don't win $1,000. Best thing that happens is you do win $1,000.

Just listen every Monday through Friday (from October 2nd through October 27th) at 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm for your codeword to text in for your chance to win. Just text that codeword back to 72881, and your chances of grabbing that $1,000 are at least better then they were. 

We could all use a little more cash, and playing in this national contest will get you that much closer to that #cashmoney. 

To get text reminders for exactly when to play, text “CASH” to 91077 right now! #HashtagCashtag #MoneyMoneyMoney 

You'll receive up to 4 messages a day from the Cash campaign. Hashtag Cashtag is a National contest. Message and data rates may apply. Frequency of automated marketing messages to your number is recurring & varies. Text STOP to stop & HELP for help. Please don't text and drive. See full rules on our contest rules page, and visit our terms and conditions, and privacy policy pages for reference.

Contest Date Range: Monday, Oct 2nd 2017 12:00am - Friday, Oct 27th 2017 5:15pm