Blurry Gregr Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan

by Gregr/Captain Shakes

Match 3 Preview: Super BFF's Jordan Morris & Cristian Roldan Talk CenturyLink

They're hanging the Championship banner at CenturyLink on Sunday

March 17, 2017

Starting the season on the road across the dang country is the worst, that's why we're all stoked to have the Seattle Sounders finally home. Sunday at 4:00 p.m. the Championship Celebration gets underway.

They're hoisting a new banner to the rafters at CenturyLink Field. It's gonna looks pretty sweet in the excellent company of a Super Bowl decor of the stadium-mates, Seattle Seahawks. Get there early!

Watch Morris and Roldan interview each other

Jordan Morris, who grew up on Mercer Island, is regarded as the future of American soccer - talk about a ton of pressure - but the kid has an incredible attitude. It's a unique thing for America to hear a professional soccer star talk about dreaming of taking the pitch at CenturyLink field and the boom-boom-clap of 40k fans only to see it come to fruition. This is the type of thing spoken of by foul-mouthed scouser kids in Liverpool of Anfield or a bright-eyed Spaniard of Camp Nou, not something that happens in the MLS!

Morris and on-field/off-field pal Cristian Roldan buzzed through the station to tell us about the pressure of playing for a monster name and the incredible fan base, what they say on the field (sometimes they're just talking strong selfie game - for real), and sum up their thoughts on Captain Brad Evans in one word...

One of them might be in trouble...

Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan Interview

What do the players actually think of the jerseys they wear? Were they as freaked out by the cursed Olympic white kits of the last several seasons? Gross. Also, Jordan has the silliest on field instagram story!