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You Tease... Nolan Is Back With A New Film, Space Travel Themed!

Dec 16th | categories: Movies, Nerd Stuff, Trailer

The Dark Knighttrilogy made the world re-appreciatethe struggle between the darkness inside a man who uses it for vigilante justice and the unharnessed evil that lurks within the baddies of society. Ok. It also had awesome cinematography, explosions, and a largely nighttime/creepy setting. Thanks Christopher Nolan and friends. You defined the hero movie genre so well. So now what?

Nolan dropped a tease of his forthcoming Interstellar. It's already been two years since the shuttle era came to a close. The director, evidently, wants to explore how it is we'll travel in space in the future. Fearturing a weathered looking Matthew Mahogany, this teaser trailer explores our fascination with space travel, with leaving our own bounds of earth's gravity.



You Tease... Nolan Is Back With A New Film, Space Travel Themed!
| December 16, 2013 at 8:27AM
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