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Yes, Bumbershoot is THIS weekend!

Aug 26th | categories: Bumbershoot, Food, Local

Where has the time gone? How is it already Labor Day? Fall is just around the corner, so go have fun this weekend at the last music festival to hit our city for awhile(until Decibel anyway...) So many great bands are playing Bumber this year, they've got a KILLER comedy lineup, and hopefully we'll still see some sun! There's also gonna be a ridiculous amount of good food, so if you need help deciding what to eat while you're there, check this out: 5 places to eat at Bumbershoot 2013.

Or if you want get artsy at Bumbershoot this year, here's some ideas for you.

Just need tickets to this weekend's event? Click this!


Yes, Bumbershoot is THIS weekend!
| August 26, 2013 at 10:29AM
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