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Who is Gilda Radner??

Nov 30th | categories: Awesome, Local

Gilda was one of my first heroes...*for better or for worse* SNL was a show that formed my early childhood. I didn't get all the jokes or the references, I just knew she was hilarious....She died way too early....Cancer got another good one and soon 'Gilda's Club' was created in her honor...Now, Gilda's Club chapters are changing their name because 'most college students were born after Gilda died in 1989'
that is the most moronic logic I have ever heard?!

As David so eloquently put it, "Isn't that what school is for? Sure, we learn of current events, but, we also learn about our past. How can anyone say they know Saturday Night Live without knowing the history? Gilda is so much a part of that history"

Bill Murray recently shared the story of the last time he saw her. Worth the click.

Update: I am very happy to report Seattle's chapter will not change their name.

This is the episode that my brain loves to play over and over.



Who is Gilda Radner??
| November 30, 2012 at 8:14AM
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