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Whatever Happened To The Band In The Bus Crash?

Dec 17th | categories: Music News, Video

Lots of bands have a hard time just tolerating one another on a daily basis. Imagine how badly they stink! If a group can craft some good songs, practice enough to make em sound awesome, and hit the road... they're still super poor... Imagine if you finally got some pretty big critical acclaim - started making a little bit of money, and then, suddenly, your tour bus went rocketing off 30 ft ledge and crashed into a ditch. Not good.

2012 won't go down as the smoothest of years for GA's Baroness. Every publication with a "best albums of 2012" leaves a deserving space for the double LP Yellow and Green. The complex noodling of previous albums stayed at home on this record, but the song writing is among their strongest.

To see the tour celebrating the accomplishment of crafting such a record go sliding down a cliff before it could really gather any steam, must be a source of huge dissapointment. Singer John Baisley was among the worst hurt in their bus crash almost having his left arm shattered clean off of his body.

Now through a process of demanding recovery, it appears that the band are ready to relearn how to do what they love. They posted a blog updating the world on said recovery including a guitar duet of what they do best!



Whatever Happened To The Band In The Bus Crash?
| December 17, 2012 at 5:00PM
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