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What's In The Mystery Box??

Feb 07th | categories: Local

Ryan from promotions brought this giant mystery box down to the studio. PRESENTS!!! We tore into it to find the best surprise. It's full of Uncle Seth's Original Pink Cookies! I love flirting on Twitter, and I randomly tweeted last week that "I want one of those pink frosting cookies". This convo happened:

Turns out, following that convo, CIN sent a message to Pinks Original Bakery - located here in Kent, WA! They sent me this crazy box full of boxes including one filled with COOKIES!!! Also, there was a letter:

Jon Chouinard, a representative for Pinks, mastered the art of writing an innuendo laced professional letter and I couldn't love him more. I won't quote Jon, but he's the type of smart dude that I love to see working for a local company that i love. He did write, "thanks for being a fan! Several of us her at the bakery are big fans of you and the station, so it's nice to know the feeling is mutual".


Thank you Cin, Jon and the gang at Pinks Original Bakery, and everyone that's super fun to goof off with on Twitter!


What's In The Mystery Box??
| February 07, 2013 at 3:41PM
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| February 07, 2013 at 5:11PM
OMG now I want one too!

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