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What The Hell Is Fracking? Oh... So We're Screwed, Huh?

Sep 03rd | categories: Nerd Stuff

Our obsession with shiny, fast, blinky stuff is AWESOME! The newest iPad, a super rail system to shoot your butt to NYC in 30 mins, plastic - all things that we rely on tons of natural resources to make tangible. Because i'm uniformed, I remember during a campaign season people being upset by gas companies using this new method of drilling to get to untapped energy sources. Some people were like "that's bad for the polar bears", while their counterparts turned on their gas grills to cook up some polar bear steaks. What the hell is fracking? Let this pleasant sounding British man tell you about it:

We're all f'd. Then again, the second that giant meteor hits the planet, all of this will seem cute.



What The Hell Is Fracking? Oh... So We're Screwed, Huh?
| September 03, 2013 at 9:13AM
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