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Well, Look Who Sampled the White Stripes

May 21st | categories: New Music Discovery

After learning about Jack White hating the Black Keys, I'm not sure how he'll take to his music being sampled for anything, let alone hip-hop, but the return of Jurassic 5 is a welcome one specifically thanks to the sweet piano sounds of "My Doorbell". Produced by the now deceased Heavy D, I'm hoping to discover the reason the song wasn't released sooner. It's so light on it's feet and, as usual, fresh sounding:

J5 haven't made new music since 2006,but they did break up for a minute. Now reunited and touring extensively this summer, you can catch the once Warped Tour favorites at the Showbox on July 9th.

Here's the original "My Doorbell" and it still rules.




Well Look Who Sampled the White Stripes
| May 20, 2014 at 7:37PM
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