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We Sent a Robot to Saturn, This Is What We Got Back

Jul 25th | categories: Nerd Stuff, Video

Once upon a time, the nerds at NASA took a look up at planet Saturn and thought "f, dudes, we need some photos of that gas blob and it's icey/rocky/ginormous rings. So they built some robot camera thing - thankfully it didn't kill us on earth - and sent it hurtling towards the outer edge of our solar system.

The photos the Cassini space thingy sent back make the moons, rings, and Saturn itself look gigantically beautiful. A man took all these single shots and editted them together to make a veryGeorges Méliès "A Trip to the Moon" vibe to finished product.

Around Saturn from fabio di donato on Vimeo.





We Sent a Robot to Saturn, This Is What We Got Back
| July 25, 2013 at 5:17PM
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