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WNW: Weird News Wednesday

Nov 20th | categories: Weird News

We don't hear about crop circles that much anymore. Probably because most people consider them to be faked. Quite a few people in Brazil are now believers though, after two crop circles appeared on the same day. They're gigantic! UFO researchers are now offering $20,000 to anyone who can prove that they were faked AKA made by humans and not aliens. Where the hell are UFO researchers getting that much money!? See photos here.

A reddit user freaked everyone out last week when he uploaded photos of what he found in his parent's house. The 15 year old boy and his brother had been playing around in their parent's room when they stumbled upon a secret door! The door led to some stairs and a crawlspace where they discovered SOMEONE HAD BEEN LIVING INSIDE THEIR WALLS! It doesn't get creepier than that! However, a lot of people are calling the user's bluff and saying this is a made up story. You can judge for yourself over here.

A museum curator in California has been holding on to Bigfoot's tooth since 2008! Or at least, what he assumes to be a Bigfoot's tooth. The man has been searching for someone who can run DNA tests on the molar to determine who it belongs to. That's some crazy good evidence if it ends up being real. Find out more here.


WNW: Weird News Wednesday
| November 20, 2013 at 10:49AM
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