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WNW: Weird News Wednesday

Sep 25th | categories: Weird News

Paul Karason died on Monday. He was famously known as "Papa Smurf" because he had permanently blue skin. The rare disease he had is called argyria and it's caused by consuming too much silver. Paul used to drink silver to treat his dermatitis. Not exactly sure why he didn't use literally any other medication instead. RIP. (source)

For over 92 years, people have been reporting Bigfoot sightings in the United States and now there is a handy dandy, very detailed map of all of them! How many is all? Oh, just over 3,000. The Pacific Northwest is definitely home to most of them, but Florida is surprisingly popular for sightings as well. Check out the map for yourself over here.

If some of your favorite movies include Sharknado, Lake Placid, Jaws, or any other movies about giant creatures terrorizing humans, well you are going to love BIG ASS SPIDER! It's a real movie and will actually play in theaters. Honestly, it doesn't look that bad. It's campy and kinda funny. And if there's one thing people from Seattle hate the most, it's giant spiders. Watch the trailer below.

PS - I'm aware Jaws is an incredible movie of high caliber and doesn't deserve to be lumped into this category. Forgive me.



WNW: Weird News Wednesday
| September 25, 2013 at 12:02PM
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