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WNW: Weird News Wednesday

Apr 02nd | categories: Books, Gross, News, Weird News, whatever

Everything seemed a bit too normal these last couple months, but don't worry! I have once again scoured the internet for all things weird. So, you remember that guy from Texas that claimed to have shot and killed Bigfoot, and was taking the body on a tour around the country? That guy was not only THE WORST, he was also a complete fake. At least he admitted it? :

Prepare to be freaked out, because Harvard University recently discovered some special books in their library that would creep out anybody with a pulse. The "special" books were bound together with HUMAN SKIN! Apparently books made of skin were really common back in the day. Ewwwww.

A lot of great things have come out of Ohio. Like The Black Keys, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and Neil friggen Armstrong, but I highly doubt Ohio is stoked about being the birthplace of serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. That's a bad one for sure. Dahmer's childhood home in Akron, Ohio is currently up for sale and it's making some headlines due to the fact that he killed his first victim there. The house is really beautiful, though. So there's... that.

If you find a weird story, send it my way or leave it in the comments. It just might make it onto the WNW Blog!


WNW: Weird News Wednesday
| April 02, 2014 at 10:35AM
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