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WNW: Weird News Wednesday

Oct 16th | categories: Local, News, Weird News

If you're a cat lover in Japan, you can now buy WINE for your cat. Seriously. First catnip, and now this!? Apparently cats getting drunk and high is hilarious. Probably. I've never seen a cat drunk, but then again I don't live in Japan. The wine is called "Nyan Nyan Nouveau" and doesn't actually have any booze in it. It's tiny and sold pretty cheap. Snag one for your cat's next birthday, you crazy cat wino! (source)

A huge 18 foot long "sea creature" was found this week in Southern California. It takes 16 people to hold it up! Unfortunately, it wasn't an UNKNOWN creature, it was just an Oarfish. Those things are scary big and live 3,000 feet below the ocean's surface. The one that washed up had died of natural causes. Sightings of the fish are obviously rare so this is pretty cool. Check out the photo here!

Have you heard of The Maury Island Incident? It happened right here in Seattle back in 1947. Before Roswell. Many saw flying disks in the sky. There was a crash. It made the papers. Men in black suits came to investigate. And the story just gets crazier after that. Who knew we had such a rich UFO history, right!? The Incident is now being made into a short film and you can watch the trailer/read more over here.


WNW: Weird News Wednesday
| October 16, 2013 at 8:47AM
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