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Video: Why Everything Sucks

Aug 14th | categories: TV, Video

Beyond being charming, super weird, and just under the surface twisted, Craig Ferguson hosts one badass late night show - The Late Late Show. It could feel most genuine of all the shows simply by Ferguson standing so close to the camera. The audience is so much smaller - to the scale of The Daily Show or Colbert Report.

Rarely does a monologue on the big shows kick things off with a dissertation on the roots of why our culture sucks. He's not poking fun of Americans/America, rather, he's critical of the culture of age vs spending.

The clip isn't new, but somehow just found it's way around the internet again this week. Speaks to the power of the subject. Aside: I like Craig Ferguson cause he has creepy characters like this:




Video: Why Everything Sucks
| August 14, 2013 at 7:04AM
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