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Video: WTF Billy Corgan + Wrestlers Sell Chairs

Feb 20th | categories: Music News, Video

I mean, there's so many things to say about this.... We've all known for a while that Billy Corgan is bat-shit bananas. But then he started his own wrestling league (what?) then his own tea house (huh?) and now he's combining it all and appearing in... thats right, a furniture commercial. These are the kinds of things that you couldnt have made up circa 1996. Maybe the royalty checks for Bullet With Butterfly Wings just aren't cutting it anymore? You also kinda gotta wonder (read: hope) that he wrote the little jingle at the end as well. Welcome to cheeseball hell, check it out for yourself below...



Video: WTF Billy Corgan + Wrestlers Sell Chairs
| February 20, 2013 at 12:46PM
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