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Video: Soundgarden - "Been Away Too Long" + Tour Dates

Nov 09th | categories: Music, Music News, Video

Out of the gate, I wanna set the record straight. Big Soundgarden fan over here. It doesn't get much blacker than Beyond the Wheel, or Mailman, or Mind-Riot. But I can't help feel that whoever is steering the ship over there has... kind of lost touch with whatever tinge of evil made them dangerous. Maybe it's just me but the gas masks and the animal skulls and barking dogs that show up in the video just feel... a little played out at this point. Not to mention we don't even get to see the band! But hey, I mean, they're Soundgarden so they get to do what they want. No consultation from me needed.

However we do have two things to announce that are unarguably awesome. FEB 7th and 8th at the Paramount Theater, the mighty SG return to Seattle. Look for a presale in End Mail next week.



Video: Soundgarden - "Been Away Too Long" + Tour Dates
| November 09, 2012 at 10:18AM
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