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Video: Snoop Dogg (Lion) Sells out for a snack

Oct 12th | categories: Music, Music News

Look, you can't really fault the guy. It's a well documented fact that sSnoop loves the Pot, and when you love the pot, you generally like to go in on some chips, or cake, or sometimes... Even a tasty Hot Pocket. Well Snoop, apparently a fan of the latter has not only endorsed the breakfast treat, but fully converted an entire song (now featuring Andy Milonakis on Bass drum) into a love song for all things microwavable. Enjoy the baffling and kinda awesomely lame video for "Pocket Like Its Hot" below... Do you like when artists use their music to endorse products they enjoy? tell us on Facebook.


Video: Snoop Dogg (Lion) Sells out for a snack
| October 12, 2012 at 2:55PM
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