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Video: Husky - "Tidal Wave"

Oct 29th | categories: Music, Video

Last night I watched Husky play an intimate show at the Tractor Tavern that I'd put up against any arena production that's come through town all year. Rather than relying on lights, electronics, and gimmicks, Husky are a band that put their stock in writing songs born to backlight fall days in the northwest. Fantastic musicians who craft tracks that infiltrate you just as deeply onstage as in your headphones. It's somewhat strange to see a band of their calibur so undeservingly overlooked, but last night coudn't have been a better reminder that the best things can often be glossed over in their time. So in the spirit of not remaining audio ignorant, lets take a minute to unplug our dubstep laptops, chill out, and appreciate this great animated clip from the boys. If you like what you hear, I highly recommend picking up their debut record, Forever So out now via Sub Pop.



Video: Husky - "Tidal Wave"
| October 29, 2012 at 5:48PM
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