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Video: Father John Misty + RNDM rep Seattle on Late Night TV

Nov 06th | categories: Music, Music News, Video

Television is a bit of a joke. In fact, I'm kind of even thinking of cancelling my cable. But if I was going to watch something, it would definitely be late night tv, as whoever is doing the booking on those talk shows, seems to be getting it more than ever. Case and point check out video of two Seattle acts, Father John Misty (our former local artist of the month and Sub Pop signee) as well as RNDM featuring the quite talented Jeff Ament of a little band you may have heard of called Pearl Jam, absolutely slaying it in the name of Seattle below. RNDM have also made a few of their tracks available for free download here in hopes that you might spend the money you saved donating to the Red Cross for Sandy relief. A great cause, get that stuff hereand check out the footage below.



Video: Father John Misty + RNDM rep Seattle on Late Night TV
| November 06, 2012 at 10:12AM
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