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Video: A-Rod Gets Drilled By A Pitch

Aug 20th | categories: Seattle Sports

There are few things finer than hearing Alex Rodriguez crazily boo'd at Safeco Field. I sometimes wonder if even the Yankee fans like him. Now that he's been busted AGAIN for performance enhancing drugs use, he's unlikely to receive a warm welcome anywhere, but Boston must be the toughest.

Watch A-Rod get beaned like it's me throwing at the dummy in the outfield at Safeco:

It's pretty uncool to go after someone like that, but pitcher Ryan Dempster evidently isn't too pleased with A-Rod. Dempster enters his name in the history books of the coolest rivalry vigilantism in the hearts of Boston sports fans.

If you're feeling bad for A-Rod (gross) don't worry, he homered off of Dempster a few innings later.



Video: A-Rod Gets Drilled By A Pitch
| August 20, 2013 at 8:59AM
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