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VIdeo: Billy Joe - This is 40 cameo (deleted scene)

Dec 28th | categories: Video

This Is 40 was a fairly entertaining film. It delivered on it's purpose of openly poking fun at real world scenarios enocountered by families and couples as time takes it's toll on a relationship, therein evolving the whole equation to something new entirely, a snapshot of the real life experience if you will. However one of the more hilarious parts of the film (not in a good way) centers on Paul Rudd's charcater being a former A&R turned label head attempting to keep his fledgling niche label afloat. This is not what bother me, however what bothers me is the asinine lingo used in scenes to dumb down for the average 40+ year old who has no concept of modern music. The below deleted scene featuring Green Day's BIlly Joe is a perfect example as he attempts to explain what he hopes his solo album might sound like - "have you heard of Norwegian death metal?" .... ridiculous. Check it out below...



VIdeo: Billy Joe - This is 40 cameo (deleted scene)
| December 28, 2012 at 9:43AM
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