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VIDEO: Soundgarden play "Rusty Cage" on Jools Holland

Nov 07th | categories: Music, Video

I don't get most things on British television (while I enjoy the BBC, the british Office just never resonated with me, plus there was that whole Mr. Bean thing) but one show I'm completely on board with is Later w/ Jools Holland. A show that not only champions music, but great music at that, seeing performances from Muse, Portishead, Radiohead and just about everybody in the past. This latest round includes the mighty Soundgarden, and though we dont have all three performances we can check out footage of them chugging through "Rusty Cage" below. Hearing word of a US tour soon, consider this a preview...



VIDEO: Soundgarden play "Rusty Cage" on Jools Holland
| November 07, 2012 at 11:12AM
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