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VIDEO: Local H Get Stuck In A Snow Globe

Jan 28th | categories: Music Video

On the list of excessively loud bands, it's hard to imagine a group with just two dudes getting anywhere near front of that line. Bands like Mogwai, Dinosaur Jr, and even Neurosis are sometimes best heard from the bathroom - far from the cones, tweeters, and subs of the house PA.

When I entered Local H show, I didn't know I'd be so sonically mutilated by a duo - just guitar and drums - crushing my little ear drums with sheer volume. It was awesome.

Local H capture the hell of Chicago winters into the beautiful world of a snow globe, sitting upon the coffee table of some pretty lady somewhere sunny and warm :/

(via Antiquiet)



VIDEO: Local H Get Stuck In A Snow Globe
| January 28, 2013 at 4:47PM
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