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VIDEO: Jared Leto Proves You Only Need a Camera to Fix Haiti

Mar 26th | categories: Music, Music News

From time to time (always) we make fun of 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto for being a tad egocentric. His "work" over the years tends to suggest that he tends to take himself a little too seriously.

This video he just posted about a recent trip to Haiti debunks all those theories instantly (opposite)

It's tough to make TOO much fun of JL because his heart is most likely in the right place. He'll sell some books, he'll raise some money. But JL...maybe put down your stupid camera for a minute and grab a hammer.

Jared Leto is the most alt man alive, and there's really nothing he can't do. He's sorta like the Alt version of Chuck Norris. He's so alt he can fly. He's so alt that he will never die. He's so alt that he can save Haiti by himself just by going there and filming a documentary and taking some pictures



VIDEO: Jared Leto Proves You Only Need a Camera to Fix Haiti
| March 26, 2012 at 11:55AM
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