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VIDEO: James Murphy vs. Nick Zinner

Oct 05th | categories: Music, Music News

Hold onto your buttholes - earlier this year we heard word from former LCD Soundsystem frontman, James Murphy that he'd spent time in the studio with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs who are more than overdue for a new record. However, when I literally ran into the man himself at Sasquatch this year, he claimed them as friends and his time there was merely spent hanging out tossing some ideas around. Now, @dfarecords is gonna make fun of me for this one, but does this short video clip of James and Nick goofing around on some Korg synths prove otherwise? A James vs. YYY's collab is an exciting prospect, but for now just enjoy the clips below....



VIDEO: James Murphy vs. Nick Zinner
| October 05, 2012 at 7:45PM
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