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VIDEO: Father John Misty "Funtimes in Babylon"

Jun 05th | categories: Local, Music, Music Video

The apocalypse has finally happened. Everyone and everything is gone. You wake up and it's a nightmare, right? Wrong. Because Josh Tillman is there. And so are you. (I obviously survive in this dream scenario) It's perfect. Or it's just the music video for "Funtimes in Babylon". It looks like if LOST had taken place in a suburb in the 70s and FJM is the new Jack. Watch it for yourself below and fall in love with Mr. Misty if you haven't already. Siiighhhhhhhhhh....

Oh man, now THIS is a thing apparently. Father John Misty perfume. I want 12 bottles.


VIDEO: Father John Misty "Funtimes in Babylon"
| June 05, 2013 at 12:16PM
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