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VIDEO: Deep Sea Diver "NWO"

Mar 11th | categories: Local, Music

I looooove this band. Completely obsessed with her voice and can't wait to see them at Sasquatch. So... it was pretty disappointing this weekend to learn that they're actually an uber religious Christian band thanks to an article in City Arts magazine. They even used to attend Mars Hill Church which is basically some kind of cult. What do you do in this situation? When your favorite new band turns out to be the total opposite of what you thought? You let the music speak for itself. Still can't stop listening to their album. Though the lyrics make a lot more sense now. Grumbles grumbles grumbles. Watch the video for "NWO" below, it's perfect just like Jessica's voice. siiigghhh.



VIDEO: Deep Sea Diver "NWO"
| March 11, 2013 at 2:28PM
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