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UPDATE: More On Record Store Day Releases

Mar 12th | categories:

We've already been through a chain of emotions over the early rumors of fancy Record Store Day releases. RHCP, The Black Keys and a slew of other bands with less of a mainstream profile are all participating (still nothing from ISIS). As we inch closer to April 21st and stretch out our "flipping through stacks of albums" fingers, more artists are getting in on the action.

Following the end of LCD Soundsystem, super fans (Bryce) must be pretty stoked for the RSD announcement of LCD's 12" contribution. They are rerelasing their debut single "Losing My Edge."

Weirdo avant garde "we make so much noise that doesn't make much sense but it's cool to like us" band Animal Collective join the fun, too. Transverse Temporal Gyrus is notshockingly a performance art piece compiling a bunch of their live recordings/strange sounds blah blah blah.

Arctic Monkeys release feels more like something a record label would deviously slip into the celebration of indepentant music stores by releasing their big upcoming single... on purple vinyl... Hopefully that excites you because it leaves me feeling sorta like "really?".

Thanks to [CoS] for all the info!



UPDATE: More On Record Store Day Releases
| March 12, 2012 at 3:39PM
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