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Trailer: How To Destroy Angels Live @ Coachella

Apr 10th | categories: Music News, Music Video

One of the main reasons Trent Reznor has held my personal interest over the past 10 years since The Fragile and his slow decline in songwriting (though I still enjoy later NIN material) is what he and his team bring to the live arena. Breaking new boundaries with their Lights In The Sky tour some years ago, this latest Reznor project seems to be setting the bar all over again. Watch the short teaser below for HTDA's Coachella set featuring some sort of crazy apparatus of plastic, compartmentalizing the band members and allowing light to travel through. This should also bring excitement and hope for fans planning to catch NIN on their reunion outing later this year. Catch the whole set streamed this Friday via Coachella's YouTube channel, and enjoy the preview below...



Trailer: How To Destroy Angels Live @ Coachella
| April 10, 2013 at 6:04PM
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