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Trailer: Oblivion

Dec 10th | categories: Music News, Trailer, Video

In a post-apocalyptic world, starring Tom Cruise, directed by that guy that made that mediocre Tron sequel, M83 take their first jab at film scoring. This is literally the most predictable Hollywood concoction of all time, but hey, maybe we'll be surprised. It's got everything you'd expect from the film described int he first sentence, forgetable high tech designs, everything is white, New York in ruins... Is it worth going to see? Up to you, but the fact that M83 will be tackling the score is an interesting prospect. When discussing the project, main man Anthony Gonzalez had this to say:

"can't wait to hear my music played by amazing musicians, and an orchestra and brass and maybe choirs. The vision is to have a combination of very electronic moments, very M83, and sometimes merge into something more soundtrack-y."

So basically, exactly what Daft did with Tron. Check out the trailer below...



Trailer: Oblivion
| December 10, 2012 at 11:02AM
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