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Trailer: Grand Theft Auto 5

Nov 14th | categories: Nerd Stuff, Trailer

Everytime a new Grand Theft Auto adventure is announced i'm like "whatever". Then they release and trailer and I'm all:

Thanks, Fry! The internet is all "blarghdsklfjdsjhidfjsk!!!!!" today about the cool/violent/filthy-ness of the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V (five if you don't know your ancient Roman numerals):

Hopefully the driving engine for the game is better than GTA IV. The predecessor will be hard to beat in one aspect: the accents. Nico and his friends had that great eastern European/Russian dialect that was super to immitate when talking to my dog Chowder.

Gonna preorder or are you over this?




Trailer: Grand Theft Auto 5
| November 14, 2012 at 12:33PM
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