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Trailer: Beautiful Noise - Shoegaze Documentary

Nov 19th | categories: Music News, Video

My mother always told me "don't start something you don't think you can finish", but clearly she hand't heard of Kickstarter. This film is the latest in a seemingly series of documentaries that get great momentum out of the gate, on great subjects, with great interviews, but ultimately don't have the budget to be produced on the scale intended without the outside support of viewers like you (thanks NPR for that one). This latest documents the showgaze movement under the slogan "they didn't sell many reocrds, but everyone who heard them started a band" and backs it up from interviews w/ Trent Reznor, BIlly Corgan and Robert Smith to name a few so, color me impressed. Watch the trailer below and donate here if you like...



Trailer: Beautiful Noise - Shoegaze Documentary
| November 19, 2012 at 1:27PM
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