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Today In Dave Grohl News

Dec 18th | categories: Music News

So the New York Post attempted to start the rumor a little earlier this week that Grohl was working on a secret Nirvana reunion tour involving an un-named frontman and the two otherformer member who reunited for this years 12.12.12 benefit. Shortly after however a rep for the Foo frontman quickly shot down the concept as nonsense, stating that there were no such plans in the works. HOWEVER alongside drumming on the new QOTSA record, making his Sound City film, and producing the new Rocket From The Crypt record, he's also signed on to direct a video for Soundgarden's next single, "By Crooked Steps" due out sometime next year.



Today In Dave Grohl News
| December 18, 2012 at 12:24PM
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